Live In Opulence And Style In Three Star Jaipur Hotels
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There are some amazing three star hotels in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which have been ranked by travel agencies as being among the best run three star hotels. These include the famous Umaid Bhawan, and the Umaid Mahal Palace hotels. Guests on arrival at these Jaipur hotels can experience typical Rajput hospitality that include a flower garland, a drink, a saffron tikka on the forehead and ushering into rooms by traditionally attired hotel staff.

The Umaid Bhawan is a very old heritage property belonging to erstwhile royal Rajput families, the Rathores. It’s run by the royals themselves and is situated in the very heart of Jaipur. Lonely Planet has recommended travelers to enjoy their stay at this hotel because of its unparalleled hospitality. It definitely is one of the finest hotels in Jaipur that offers value for money. The Umaid Bhawan is very traditional in its construction, with open sprawling gardens, terraces, spectacular courtyards and very comfortable rooms with exquisite antique furnishings.

For those who want to experience the life of a Rajput royal; this is the place to be. Guests can enjoy personalized services and amenities during their stay, which is guaranteed to be memorable. The world class swimming pool, business centre and internet café are nice places to hang out and relax. Guests can excite their taste buds by experiencing traditional Indian cuisine cooked by renowned local chefs who have been cooks with the Royal family for generations.

The Umaid Mahal is another three star hotel which has a classic build with traditional Rajasthani architecture. Other three star hotels in Jaipur include the Holiday Inn, Arya Niwas, Hawa Mahal, Hotel Jai Nivas, Hotel Kanchandeep, Jaipur Inn, Mauraya Palace and Residency Inn. All the three star hotels have well appointed rooms with excellent furnishings that will leave guests spellbound.

There are also three star hotels that are available for budget travelers who would rather not spend huge amounts on accommodation but would still love good accommodation for a good night’s rest. Bookings for all these Jaipur hotels can be made on the internet and guests can avail of discounts offered from time to time.

Guests are treated to sumptuous local Rajasthani fare cooked by traditional cooks using lots of spices. These are sure to tickle the taste buds of one and all. Enjoy true Rajasthani royal hospitality at incredible prices by checking into any of the three star Jaipur hotels.

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