Live Interaction Between Lagadapati Rajagopal & The Students Of The Osmania & Kakatiya
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I was Once Banned From Entering Vijayawada : Lagadapati

A News channel has conducted a live interaction between Lagadapati Rajagopal & the students of the Osmania, Kakatiya, Sri Krishnadevaraya, Andhra, SV & Nagarjuna Universities.

While speaking to the students of the Kakatiya university they blamed him for doing this agitation as he has businesses interests in Hyderabad. To this Lagadapati replied that he has enough properties and even if Telangana separates and some losses occur then he would bother.

He also revealed an interesting point regarding his student life. He said that he was suspended for a period of one year while he was doing his bachelors in engineering in Siddhartha in Vijayawada.

He was arrested and also marked as a radical. He was infact barred from entering Vijayawada for some time due to police orders. But after the principal advised him to change his ways, he took the advice seriously and achieved a lot since then.

He also reminded the students that even if the Telangana separates there would not be any new Jobs either in the government or the private sector. He also said that the people from Telangana would not be eligible for jobs in Hyderabad and the TRS and KCR are misleading the Telangana people.

Lagadapati said that he himself is a Telanganite and Telangana means "Land of Telugus". And Andhra is just a name of a dynasty.

While interacting with the students of Osmania University, they were obviously agitated with him. They claimed that they need no jobs but only separate identification as Telangana people and showed him slippers. Lagadapati said that people and people who cannot argue show slippers like that and asked them to follow Mahatma Gandhi instead of Godse. Lagadapati said that majority of the Telangana people do not want separation since the TRS got just 10 MLA seats in the elections and also the party does not have guts to flight in the GHMC polls.



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  • Guest 9 years ago

    I pray to all the people of Andhra Pradesh not to fall to the traps of political leaders like Mr. Chandra Sekhar Rao. If he believes in Telangana how come he send his children to get educated in U.S. and settle down here. We will raise to great heights if we all stick together. I request to all the educated community and to all intellectuals and all the people to take their conscious into concern and act accordingly. We need to support everyone who is trying to support this united Andhra irrespective of political affiliation. Yours Truly. Venkat Sanjeev President NRI Wing Prajarajyam Party