Liver Care Tips And Foods And Remedies To Improve Liver
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Liver is the largest organ in our body. It has a wide variety of functions, therefore it is referred to as chemical factory of our body. It is very important to keep the Liver in great shape by eating the right kind of food that nourishes the liver and acts as natural liver cleanse and to keep it detoxified and fit all all times.

Each functional unit of liver (hepatic lobule) is capable of carrying out all functions of entire liver. Good food habits can keep your liver healthy and clean.

Symptoms for Liver Care

Symptoms for liver cirrhosis are stomach pain, gastric problems, improper digestion of foods, severe sickness, reduction in body weight, discoloration of the skin i.e., skin turns yellow especially eyes, and lack of energy are some of the symptoms of liver cirrhosis.

Symptoms for hepatitis are severe illness and your body turns yellow, restlessness, lack of strength, abnormal urine color, liver swelling, and body weakness. Body loss its natural functioning so liver care becomes essential for normal functioning of the body.

Treatments for Liver Care

When there is a liver problem, detoxification of the liver is necessary. This is done by fasting for a day. After that, no food that is difficult to digest must be inspired.

Bitter vegetables must be given, such as bitter gourd and bitter drumstick. Goat’s or cow’s milk must be taken instead of buffalo’s milk. Instead of curds, buttermilk must be given. Garlic must be included in the diet.

Home Remedies for Liver Care

  1. Create a combination of vegetable juice like spinach vegetable and incentive in the equal amount and take a glass of this juice daily for at least 3-4 weeks.
  2. Get a roots of dandelion and boil it in a glass of water for 10 minutes, after drink its.
  3. Create a juice of 2 raw oranges and take it one time in a day for a one week.
  4. Make a blend of several roasted cumin seeds to a glass of buttermilk with a little salt and drink it early in the morning.
  5. Create a combination of a 1 tbs. of lime juice with papaya seeds take out and take it one time in a day.

Good Foods for the Liver

  1. To have a healthy liver you have to have a healthy life style, moderate exercises, nourishing diet, avoiding food in unhygienic conditions to avoid illness like viral hepatitis or jaundice.
  2. Alcohol is injurious to liver and is responsible for a condition called fatty liver in young adults so complete avoidance of alcohol is mandatory for a healthy liver.
  3. As liver helps in excretion of drugs, long term intake of medicines like pain killers can be injurious to liver and so over the counter medicines without prescription from doctors should be avoided.
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