Liver Care Tips And Tips To Enlarge And Improve Liver
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It can be used for the treatment of catarrhal jaundice and liver enlargement. A decoction of the juice of the herb is prescribed in doses of one teaspoon twice a day. To make the juice more effective, it can be added with essences of cardamom and cinnamon.

The herb is also beneficial if there is mucus discharge accompanied with the catarrhal jaundice. In that case the juice of a few leaves is mixed with crushed peppercorns and taken with curds early in the morning for seven successive days.

A Liver disease can be described as the infection affecting liver. Cancer, Hepatitis, Glycogen storage disease type II, etc, are the disease that carry the liver damaging capacities.

Treatment of Liver Problem

Treatment depends on the type and period of the cirrhosis. Its aim is to stop the progress of the cirrhosis, reverse (to whatever extent possible) the damage that has already occurred, and treating complications that are disable or life-threatening.

The treatment of fatty liver is correlated to the cause. It is imperative to remember that simple fatty liver may not have need of treatment.

The benefit of weight loss, dietary fat constraint, and exercise in obese patients is inconsistent.

Reducing or eliminating alcohol use can improve fatty liver due to alcohol toxicity.

Tips to take care of your liver

You should take a very good care of one of the most essential organ of your body. Here I have mentioned 6 tips to take care of your liver.

  1. Coffee can help you prevent liver cancer

Coffee can prevent the most common type of liver cancer. Coffee is not only a source of a good energy drink but it also helps you to prevent liver cancer.

It has been found in a study that included more than 90,000 Japanese, that people who drink coffee regularly have 50% less liver cancer risk as compared to those who never have coffee.

  1. Milk thistle increase the liver function

You should purchase milk thistle from chemist. It is helpful to protect and enhance the function of liver as it contains Silymarin, which serves in repairing the liver damaged parts.

Silymarin is a very powerful antioxidant; at least 10 times stronger anti-oxidant agent as compared to Vitamin E. Liver plays an important role in detoxifying the pollutants and processing nutrients and fats. Milk thistle helps in preventing the reduction of glutathione. Glutathione is that substance which is essential for the liver while performing the function of detoxification.

  1. Take Vaccinations to prevent Hepatitis A

Your liver could be badly affected by Hepatitis A. Although a patient recovers fro this disease within 6 months but it symptoms can make you uncomfortable and disturb your daily activities for sometime. An average adult may not be able to work for at least 5 to 6 weeks due to Hepatitis A.

  1. Avoid Liver diseases by Eating Yogurt daily

You can avoid liver diseases by eating 200g of yogurt daily. It is suggested that it can help you to reduce the chances of developing a fatty liver.

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