Liver Problems Causes, Treatment And Natural Home Remedies For Liver Problems
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Liver Problems are ailments in this important organ of the body that tend to affect the normal liver functioning adversely but can be healed and controlled naturally at home with the help of several home remedies for Liver Problems.

Located under the rib cage on the upper right hand side of the abdomen, liver is a vital body organ that aids in digestion, absorbs nutrients and removes toxins and waste products from the blood.

To perform these functions efficiently, the liver needs to be healthy at all times. Thus, it is essential to cure Liver Problems as soon as possible in order to avoid reduced liver functioning and liver damage.

Some common Liver Problems are Hepatitis, Alcoholic Hepatitis, Hemochromatosis, Sarcoidosis, Cirrhosis, Liver cysts, Wilson’s disease, Gilbert syndrome, Liver Enlargement, Bile Duct Obstruction, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease, Liver Failure etc.

Causes of Liver Problems

  1. Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause.

  2. Not urinating in the morning.

  3. Too much eating.

  4. Skipping breakfast.

  5. Consuming too much medication.

  6. Consuming too much preservatives, preservatives, food coloring, and artificial sweetener.

Home Remedies for Liver Problems

  1. Wash 3-4 leaves of sacred fig (Ficus religiosa). Mash them with sugar candy and mix it in 250 mg of water, drink two times a day after sieving the mixture. This is a very good home remedy for liver care.

  2. Decrease fat eating by 20-30 grams per day as in liver harm, bile emission and digestion is exaggerated that hinders the fat absorption.

  3. Liver cirrhosis treatment - Take one teaspoonful of glucose in one cup of water thrice a day in the morning, afternoon and hours of darkness.

  4. Take juice of 2 oranges empty stomach for 5-7 days.

  5. Take 50 grams of white radish leaves and stem, add sugar candy in it and drink it each morning with empty stomach. This is a very effortless and one of the helpful home remedies for liver care.

  6. Daily intake of a pinch of roast alum with buttermilk twice or thrice daily is highly beneficial in liver spoil treatment.

  7. Squeeze a lemon in 100 grams of water and add a taste of salt, drink thrice a day for 21 days.

  8. Buttermilk taken with a little salt and powdered roasted cumin seeds

  9. Is very beneficial liver cirrhosis remedy.

  10. Alcoholic drinks even in small amounts should be avoided.

  11. Keep a white-coloured glass bottle filled with water in the sun for 6-8 hours and drink it after cooling. This is a very simple home remedies for liver cirhosis.

  12. High carbohydrate intake is recommended to give the good quantity of energy.

  13. Mix one tablespoon of juice of black seeds of papaya with ten drops of new lime juice and have it once or twice every day for a month. Good Home Remedy for Liver Care.

  14. Avoid fried foods, turmeric, oils, red chillies and spicy food as they are extremely damaging for the liver and stomach. This is not a good diet for liver care.

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