Loss Of Sexual Desire Is Normal
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Sexual desire or low libido toward food in many ways similar to the appetite. We happy, healthy and carefree feel like more than we eat and we eat more. Tired, tense and anxious, we can not get the taste of nothing and even lose weight can end.

To be able to enjoy sexuality in women, men also to relax and feel good about themselves, they must, so important in life changes may reduce sexual desire.

Most of the people crisis overcome their re-catches the rhythm. This can not be achieved, some more serious problems, perhaps a direct relationship may need to be reviewed.

As a non-sexual stimulation, masturbation does not make any time or sexual fantasies and sexual relations are not built for people who are interested in not giving the impression that more are rare. These people may be satisfied with the state or from other people different because they feel that they can seek help.

In general may be low libido, and in this case the person will never be notified, and no match, on the other hand, this problem only in a particular match or may occur in certain situations. Regardless of which one in question, as in other sexual problem, less because of sex drive as a physical illness, drugs or psychological may be an internal conflict.

Towards the end of sexual activity in male adolescence, adolescent sexuality, culminating with the most intense interest in the period and then starts to decrease gradually. Thus, in adulthood and an increasingly middle-age man can stay a long time, relief and frustration from not having a sense of, However, a wife, and warn when they find attractive again very active.

Interest in sexuality in women increases more slowly and reaches a peak towards thirty years. In women compared to men's sex drive is more fragile and easily print is understood, but it has more capacity to reach orgasm.

Therefore, not none of sexuality and masturbation does not make hardly a young man and his wife, alone or can not be stimulated by a woman 39 years old, is different from normal experience, therefore turns the sexual impulse can be said to be less.

Physical causes: Some people in the face of food and drink is acceptable as we have more appetite, sexuality-related research also showed great differences between people of libido that is revealed. All studies several times per week on a regular shaped the men and women who reach orgasm as well as long as the sexual relief should be seen not heard.

Hormonal: Very rarely, there's no reason when no other changes in libido observation hypothalamus, pituitary gland or testicles can be due to an illness. Other than that, male sex hormone testosterone in men gradually decreases with age and reduced libido in some men than others to develop early. Women who are more fragile in libido, menstrual cycle can be observed during the ups and downs, such as pregnancy, postpartum and menopause, such as major changes in libido with significant hormonal changes happen. Including pills prevent pregnancy and any hormone therapy in women who are on libido can be affected by it.

General health status predictably severe illness or long-term health problems, reduces libido, this may be due to stress, such as specific as some biochemical changes may be related. Viral infection during subsequent fatigue may decrease libido.

Drugs: Many drugs can cause reduced libido. Drugs used in the treatment of psychosis, morphine containing analgesics; beta blockers used for hypertension and hormone treatment between them is located. Men who use estrogen very low libido will notice.

Feeling-state changes: Decrease in depression, sexual desire, reduction of appetite and insomnia may develop from the first. Attacks in people with manic or hyperactive contrary libido and encouraged. Feelings of sexual impulse-state mood changes affected the level varies from person to person and some people may be larger than the influence of a relatively small event.

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