Love Means Never Having To Say You're Crazy
Sunny • onLove & Harmony 9 years ago • 2 min read

Love means never having to say you're crazy

Love is a risk because it presupposes connection.

It is impossible to love in a vacuum. Loving someone means being so closely connected to him or her that what happens to him or her, in one sense, happens to you too. If I really love someone, when he or she cries, I ought to taste salt. If two men are on either end of a boat and there is a leak at one end, the other fellow can't say, "Man, I'm glad that happened on your end of the boat, so I'm safe." People in boats together and people who love one another are connected.

Love is a risk because it presupposes vulnerability.

When I counseled young couples thinking about getting married, I often told them that they were entrusting each other with weapons of destruction. You see, in marriage, you learn things about your mate that no one else will know. You learn exactly where to stick the knife and how to twist it. Because of that necessary vulnerability, a lot of couples sign a suicide pact when they sign their marriage license. Love means that you take off your armor, and when you don't have any armor, you can get killed.

Love is a risk because it presupposes loss.

When Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria said, "Now there is no one left to call me Victoria." Because nothing this side of heaven is permanent, we must face the reality of loss. A loss hurts in direct proportion to how much we love that which we lost.

I once heard a bishop give a short analysis of the story of the good Samaritan. He said that the thieves who robbed the man had the basic philosophy of "What's yours is mine and I will take it." Those who walked by the robbed man without helping had the basic philosophy of "What's mine is mine and you can't have it." And, in contrast, the good Samaritan had the basic philosophy of "What's mine is yours and you can have it if you need it." That philosophy is not easy and involves risk; but, nevertheless, the clear teaching of Scripture requires it.

So, today, go out, risk and love well.



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