Love Till Life Ends
Sunny • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

I had been running from these feelings for so long believing everyday that love was never meant meant for me at all carried on pretending to be strong as i am but in the end

everyone knew it was just a lie so afraid to take a chance afraid to fall in love with you but when you came along you moved my fears away and helped me realise my dreams gave me strength to live my life the way i wanted to and the confidence i saw life with

i hardly was aware of its existence in me but before i could truly spulrge into this new world i had found in you you went away but you never realised that you took me away from me and now i don’t know myself again what remains inside is just a shadow of me looming around to help me pass each day nobody will ever know how it pains inside to know that you are so far away from me nobody knows that i am dead inside although the fake smile keeps me alive from the ouside nobody will understand the sorrow cause no one knows what you meant for me

every moment now that passes passes with a silent prayer praying for a miracle and wishing that a miracle that could revive my soul and bring me back to me and as i wait for you here in this silence i hope you just realise that this love was never a lie and staying apart has had its worst effects and would be better to die still believ that you would come around again and help me find my way back into love

can’t love this way again cause i am still holding what remains of US there is nothing left for me to say to you that you aren’t aware of nothing left for me to show that you haven’t seen before all what remains with me is memories of you and never diminishing thoughts of our days that echoes in me and says I’L LOVE YOU TILL THE END!!!!!



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