Low Back Pain
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Low back pain may occur under many circumstances. For example, if the discs overgrow it may press the nerves; if the discs and vertebrae are degenerated they lose flexibility; a sport injury and heavy lifting may twist muscles, ligaments, vertebrae or nerves; a local inflammation may be sensed by the nerves.

Lower back pain is a condition described as pain in the lower back or lumbar region. The pain is characterized as mild to severe and often causes discomfort. It can be acute (sudden and severe) or chronic (if it has lasted for more than three months). This condition affects any group but tends to be common amongst younger people, especially those who participate in strenuous, physical activities.

Back pain lower right side in particular is usually caused by a strain or other injury, but if you are experiencing back pain lower left side, there is also the possibility that it could be a pinched nerve or other neuropathic problem. The best way to treat lower back pain with natural and alternative remedies is to first figure out what is causing your pain so you can use the most appropriate means to get relief.

Causes of Low Back Pain

Causes can be divided into two categories: -

  1. Congenital- abnormality in anatomy of back bone, example kyphosis or stenosis
  2. Acquired- it can be categorized into following types: - Inflammation - It can occur due to infections like: -

• Osteomyelits e.g. tuberculosis • Discits • Epidural abscess

It may occur by any other cause other than infection like in ankylosis spondylitis.

• Trauma – any kind of injury or trauma to ligaments, muscles and vertebrae • Vascular – rupture, erosion of adjacent structures, epidural haematoma, dissection etc. • Neoplasm – primary tumors of spine – Multiple myeloma Metastic • Degeneration – Disc disease, facetal arthropathy, spinal canal stenosis • Metabolic – Osteoporosis, Paget’s disease • Mechanical – Poor posture aggravated by obesity pregnancy and overuse

Referred pain-

• Abdominal viscera e.g. renal, pancreas, posterior duodenal ulcer • Pelvic disorder e.g. pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) Kidney and heart problems, hardening of the arteries and increased blood pressure are only some of the side effects, especially for the elderly, who are often prescribed these pills more frequently for arthritis and joint pain.

Many people are now turning to alternative lower back pain remedies in the hopes of getting some relief from their symptoms without the risks associated with pharmaceutical lower back pain treatment. There are a number of good herbal and/or natural choices, but for those who don't have the time or inclination to mix and match ingredients until they find the right combination, natural anti-inflammatory combinations can help your body create a more regulated natural pain response to deal with lower back pain in the long term.

Another herbal remedy that can be made at home is by mixing red pepper into a cold cream. Keep on adding pepper until the cream turns pink and then massage it onto your back. It will surely ease the discomfort caused by back pain. An alcohol red pepper rub is also useful in this regard. What you need to do, is put an ounce of red pepper into one quart of rubbing alcohol.

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