Low Blood Pressure Common Causes And Natural Herbs For Orthostatic Hypotension
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Hypotension or low blood pressure is pressure that is lower than normal blood pressure. Normal blood pressure for the human body is 120/80 mmHg. If your BP is 90/60 mmHg or lower you may have low blood pressure.

Hypotension happens due to low blood flow through arteries and veins that can lead to less oxygen being passed to vital organs. This is due to weakness, flabby and over dilated blood vessels. In glasses case of less oxygen being accepted to brain, heart, eye and kidney, they can obtain damage and in a number of serious situations it can permanently damaged vital organs.

Common causes of low blood pressure


Heart medicines

Some antidepressants

High blood pressure treatments

Anti-anxiety agents

Narcotic analgesics


Medicines or any medications used for surgery

Natural Herbs for Low Blood Pressure

Ginger –

Most commonly used Asian herb it is equally useful in controlling high and low blood pressures.

Beet root-

A cup of raw beet root juice if taken twice daily is good to treat this condition, improving the condition within one week.

Indian spikenard –

Taking 30-40 grains mixed with pinch of camphor and cinnamon regularly raises the low blood pressure. Taking the extract of this herb also gives similar results.

Ginseng –

This herb is known to normalize all the functions of the body and that includes the normalizing of BP too.

Siberian Ginseng –

Though it is similar to the other ginseng herbs, studies revealed that this variety raises the BP of only those who are suffering from low BP.

Stinging nettle –

This is an herb that nourishes and helps to build up blood cells and also raising the blood pressure in those suffering from hypotension. This herb can be taken as extract, tea or in capsule form.

Rosemary –

This herb in useful in treating low BP. Taking 10 ml. of the extract daily stabilizes the BP.

Motherwort –

Extract of this herb, though bitter in taste helps in raising the BP to desired levels.

Coffee –

Coffee being a strong stimulant can create magic in case of mild low BP conditions. Sipping a cup of this aromatic beverage early morning is enough to maintain the blood pressure at desired levels.

Hawthorn –

Though used in treating high BP it functions mainly to stabilize the BP and bring back to its normal state.

Diet for Low Blood Pressure

Eat a high-protein diet, with fish, eggs, meat, game, cottage cheese, tofu, Quorn, soya and nuts. You must eat protein twice a day. Portions of fish, chicken or meat should be 125g.

Make marrowbone soup by boiling organic bones with garlic, ginger and a pinch of Asafoetida (from Indian grocers) for two hours or so. Skim, strain and refrigerate the stock. Drink one mug, warmed, an hour before your evening meal.

Eat caviar (one teaspoon every other day), if you have the opportunity. It contains salt and protein.

Make a body-toning drink by soaking ten almonds and ten pistachios (body shelled) for 24 hours in still water at room temperature. Blend with milk then add three to four saffron strands (no need to soak). Add a teaspoon of honey and stir to mix. Imbibe this every day for two months.

Eat toasted soda bread with honey (manuka is good).

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