Low Cholesterol - A Great Way To Reduce Cholesterol
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When blood cholesterol level or specifically LDL cholesterol level rises in blood, there exist greater chances of plaque formation thus resulting in narrowed arteries. These narrowed arteries perturb smooth flow of blood causing heart to exert more pressure to pump blood, giving way to hypertension.

Most important function that HDL performs is curbing LDL menace by bringing LDL back to liver from arteries. By performing this task HDL greatly contributes in checking plaque formation and in turn helps prevent coronary artery diseases. With high level of HDL you have little chances of falling prey to strokes.

cholesterol in the blood is of two kinds, LDL and HDL. LDL which is low density lipoprotein is considered to be bad whereas HDL or High density lipoprotein is good. However the total amount of cholesterol is the sum of HDL and LDL in certain proportions in the blood. The exact proportion of HDL and LDL differs from person to person.

The pressure exerted by the blood when the heart contracts is known as systolic blood pressure and the pressure exerted when the heart dilates is known as diastolic blood pressure. Garlic and bean intake could be increased. Garlic is considered as one of the natural medicines for cholesterol control. You can consume few cloves of garlic everyday to reduce LDL. Different types of beans are rich in pectin that happens to be an effective cholesterol reducing agent.

Natural Supplements for Low Cholesterol Levels: -

• Beta Sitosterol: It is a plant sterol which reduce cholesterol levels • Niacin: It is Vitamin B3 which lowers LDL cholesterol by 20% • Fish oils • Green Tea • Psyllium and Flax seeds: These contain fibers which reduce the cholesterol levels • Mangosteen and sytrinol: These are fruit extracts which reduce cholesterol levels • Policosanol: it is derived from sugar cane and it reduces LDL cholesterol by nearly 25% • Cholestin: It is a processed form of red yeast fermented with rice. Cholestin lowers LDL cholesterol by 20-30%. It also raises HDL. • Soy protein: The isoflavones in it brings down LDL cholesterol by 10% • Garlic: It reduces LDL cholesterol by 12% • Aphanizomenon flosaquae (AFA): It is blue green algae, which reduces LDL cholesterol by 20%.

Low cholesterol diet is an easy option. Hitherto, you were not properly aware of it. Once you begin with this diet discipline, you will rather like it. You may even wonder why such a lifestyle was not adopted by you earlier. Your daily menu could be somewhat like this: One cup of skim milk every day.

As for vegetables, take up to five helpings per day. You need to take brown bread, sprouted grains and fresh beans. It is better if the non-vegetarian food is avoided altogether because most of them contain high cholesterol agents. Also, choose liquid vegetable oils like sesame, sunflower and olive. Make salad eating a habit. Let your breakfast be ruled by vegetables and fruits.

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