Low Cholesterol Causes And Treatment Of High Cholesterol And Low Cholesterol
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Cholesterol is a fatty wax lipid that can be found in the cell membranes of humans and animals.

Cholesterol is a tricky little devil, because if it gets out of hand you could have a serious health risk, including heart attack and other potentially fatal conditions. That is why it is so important to have a low cholesterol diet, because it reduces your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. High cholesterol is something you need to avoid. It can cause many conditions including heart disease.

Causes Low Cholesterol

  1. Hyperthyroidism

  2. Liver disease

  1. Malnutrition

  2. Cancer

  3. Chronic infections or inflammation

By treating these circumstances, you may be able to correct low cholesterol levels. Cholesterol-lowering medication can also cause secondary hypolipidemia.

Low Cholesterol Symptoms

We have all heard about how bad high cholesterol is for our body but most people do not think about what could take place if our cholesterol levels were actually too low.

Know one really ever talks about having really low cholesterol because all the focus has been on prevent high cholesterol.

Low Cholesterol Treatment

Drug treatment is used down with dietary change to lower cholesterol levels.

Several types of medications are on hand for cholesterol lowering, counting statins, bile acid sequestrants, niacin, and fibric acids. Your doctor can help come to a decision which one is best for you.

Low Cholesterol Diet

Certain foods are very good for low cholesterol. You should have fish, at least three times in a week. A few kinds of sea fish contain omega-3 fatty acid that helps you lower blood cholesterol. Reduce your fat intake. A low cholesterol diet should include more of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and potatoes. These are excellent sources of energy and these take care of the benefits that you might miss because of avoiding fats.

While purchasing food items from market that are cooked, baked or roasted, read the label carefully and see there should not be any saturated oils. In addition, have lots of natural fruits, such as fruits or vegetables. These are rich source of fiber that your body requires for many reasons. Apples, carrots, brown rice, barley and legumes form a very good low cholesterol diet. A widely recommended herb psyllium also helps you reduce cholesterol level, if taken daily.

You can also have soya to control cholesterol level in your body. Research has shown that soya milk helps in reducing cholesterol. If possible, have at least 2-3 glasses of soya milk everyday. However, there are a variety of soya sweeteners such as for ice creams or desserts. Read out the sugar content and the amount of calories in those items and select the one that don’t have too many calories.

Herbal Remedies for Cholesterol: -

Garlic: According to some studies, garlic may decrease blood levels of total cholesterol by a few percentage points. Other studies, however, suggest that it may not be as beneficial as once thought. It may also have significant side effects and/or interactions with certain medications.

Guggul: - It has been shown to lower blood-fat levels while raising levels of HDL, the so called "good cholesterol". It is useful in atherosclerosis, psoriasis and cardiac ischemia. It has been shown that Guggul can lower blood cholesterol by 14-27% and can lower triglycerides by 22-30%.

Arjuna: - Arjuna is a coronary vasodilator. It protects the heart, strengthens circulation, and helps to maintain the tone and health of the heart muscle. It is also useful in stopping bleeding and to promote healing after a heart attack. Current scientific research has proved that arjuna contains specific medically active.

Benefits of Exercise: -You probably know that exercise helps you increase your muscle mass and reduce your body fat levels. Aerobic exercise in particular helps you improve your cardiovascular health. As you learned, another of benefit of exercise is that it aids in your whole body detox and cleansing program.

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