Low Glycemic Index Diet (GI Diet)
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The concept of Low Glycemic Index Diet (GI Diet) was first put forth by Dr.Jenkins who later on published my books on the same topic. Glycemic index determines the level of carbohydrates in the blood and elaborates in its effects on blood sugar. It reduces the rate of breakdown of food thus reducing the frequency of hunger in a day and also making blood glucose available at a steady rate.

Its is preferred because it aids in reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients and it also helps in weight loss as discovered recently. The sudden urge to eat after a grueling schedule, known as “energy slumps”, can be avoided with the use of Low Glycemic Index Diet (GI Diet) diets.

However a diet consisting of low glycolic index food materials alone is never recommended as it is not very healthy. A diet consisting of proper proportions of nutrients is recommended, it is known as the balanced diet concept.

However, a Low Glycemic Index Diet (GI Diet) is known to be effective in curing type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

What is the acceptable food??

Oats, barn, barley are good breakfast substitutes. Bread with higher fiber content can also be used in place of the normal white bread. Interestingly in Peru and Asia the residents take equal quantities of both high and low GI food which yields moderate GI, these people however sedentary they are experience a low risk of becoming obese and developing type 2 diabetes. The effect of low GI foods can be visualized at pretty a short interval considering that the blood sugar levels can be seen decreasing within a four hour period although it may not be very drastic a decreases can clearly be detected!

According to the GI when high GI foods are consumed they are broken down so rapidly that surges appear in the glucose level and create nausea or even dizziness.

What is the ideal range for GI?

Food having less than 55 GI is considered low GI and those above 70 high. So the optimal range may be around 56 to 69 and varies from each individual.

What are the benefits of low GI foods?

Apart from reducing weight and blood glucose levels this diet also improves alertness and concentration. The feeling of being stressed out in the afternoons and evenings may reduce drastically. Mood also improves as sluggishness avoided pretty easily.

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