Low Testosterone Weak Sexual Instinct
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Although the hormone testosterone is not the only driver of the male sex drive, if there is not enough, it can be an extremely negative effect on sexual relations. Not only that, the lack of this hormone may result in complete loss of sex drive and erection problems. However, we should not despair, because, if this is the main problem, there are some modern methods of treatment which gave very good results.

Causes of low testosterone and sex drive Despite the fact that scientists are not yet fully uncover the mystery concerning the influence of testosterone as a hormone that stimulates libido, what is known is that the sexual instinct in men over the years naturally decline. Starting from the period in which reaches its climax (the teen years and twenties), libido decreases over the years. However, not all men the same features of libido, and what a man is considered low for the other sexual urge is not true.

This should be added the fact that the sexual urge I changed along with changes in men, and it is equally affected by stress, poor sleep and other problems they are facing every day. For this reason, the definition of normal sexual urge is almost impossible. The symptoms are due to low testosterone levels do not always relate to the creation of a feeling that the sexual urge in the fall. Some men, starting at first to keep the sexual urge even at a low level of testosterone.

Therefore, the lack of testosterone is one of the possible reasons that negatively affect the male libido, but not in charge. It was found that while lowering levels of testosterone every man feels to some extent decrease of sexual drive. The other reasons include: stress, lack of sleep, depression and chronic diseases.

Erectile disorder It is surprising that the low testosterone levels rarely cause problems with erection. When it comes to just about the effects of insufficient amounts of testosterone, the male with very little cause and erectile disorder. Erectile disorder in most cases causes the disease known as atherosclerosis (a disease of large and medium-sized muscular arteries, characterized by blood vessel dysfunction). Due to damage arteries, blood vessels that supply the penis are no longer able to spread and allow a strong flow of blood causes an erection. Diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol are the three main causes of atherosclerosis and erecting disorders. At the same time, testosterone deficiency is very frequent accomplice of atherosclerosis in terms of causing erecting disorders. It is most commonly associated with a number of other conditions that lead to the emergence of erecting disorders, such as metabolic (cardiovascular) syndrome, obesity or diabetes.

Solutions: When it comes to solving this problem, what we should not forget is that the libido can be improved healthy life: less drinking, less smoking, more sleep and rest, less heavy and fatty foods, more fruit juice and fruit, moderate physical activity, more time in the fresh air...

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