Luxury Holiday In Palace On Wheels - Memorable Experience For Tourists
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Luxury holiday in Palace on Wheels is going to be a memorable experience for tourists and newlyweds. If traditional honeymooners used to look for accommodation in four or five star hotels, a luxury holiday in this train is going to be more luxurious and exclusive. The train is among the most luxurious ones in the entire world and the facilities on board can hardly be found anywhere else. Holiday in this train is allowing you to find out how royalties are traveling and to visit wonderful places on your way. If you are tired after the wedding and you want to get away from the agitation of the big cities, then a Palace on Wheels is far more relaxing than a busy and crowded tourist destination.

The cabins in the train are decorated in the beautiful Rajasthani style and they are all having shower with hot and cold water at all times. The service in a Palace on Wheels is also great because the staff is dedicated to make you feel pampered and to have the time of your life.

You can enjoy a holiday in Palace on Wheels from April to August. The train leaves from Delhi weekly and the entire trip lasts seven marvelous days. A luxury holiday in Palace on Wheels is also going to be a culinary experience. The two restaurants of the train serve you all sorts of delicious foods, from traditional Rajasthani ones, to continental dishes. You can also enjoy a drink in the luxury and intimacy of the train.

Palace on Wheels is not only fascinating from the point of view of the accommodation and traveling conditions, but also from the point of view of the places that you are going to see. The first stop from the luxury holiday in Palace on Wheels is Jaipur, the pink city with the Amber Fort and the City Palace. Next one is Jaisalmer with the famous havelis and then Jodhpur. Here you will be amazed by the many architectural wonders of the city. The luxury holiday in Palace on Wheels then takes you to Rathambor National Park. Chittaurgarh and Udaipur, with its many lakes and palaces are also included in a luxury tour in Palace on Wheels. In Bharatpur you will visit the Keoladeo Ghana National Park and the most impressive attraction of luxury holiday in Palace on Wheels is definitely Taj Mahal, an impressive building dedicated to eternal love.

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