Mahabaleshwar Four Star Hotels – Regal Living For A Price!
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The tourist season in Mahabaleshwar is one of frantic activity. The season lasts from early April to late September. In between, when the monsoons hit the western coast of India, tourists refrain from going to hill stations as it certainly doesn’t make sense travelling in pouring rain and then end up being cooped up in hotel rooms for a vacation. It’s a different issue altogether if it involves honeymooners.

Mahabaleshwar is a tourist destination and thousands of people from the plains of Maharashtra and other states enjoy taking a vacation here. Vacations are good periods to get away from daily routine and importantly from the concrete jungles that surrounds city people all the time. Here in Mahabaleshwar, there is only natural beauty with a few buildings thrown in, but that gets camouflaged by the vast expanse of greenery all around.

There are few four star hotels in Mahabaleshwar to cater to people who are willing to pay for some extra luxuries. These are Hotel Ramsukh Resorts, Hotel Sherwood Resort and Hotel Bright land Holiday Village. The four star hotels are situated in vantage points across the town mainly on hill sides so they offer their guests excellent panoramic views of the whole hill station. People visiting the Shiva temple will find the Ramsukh Resort hotel convenient as it is right next to it. Its location makes it possible for tourists to view the sunrise across the mountain ranges in the mornings.

The hotel has a spa that guests can enjoy. The beauty of this hotel is every room has a vantage view of the Western Ghats Krishna valley, and the sparkling blue waters of the Dhom Dam. The rooms are tastefully done up and guests have five choices. All rooms and suites are equipped with the latest gadgets to make guests as comfortable as possible to help them take care of any business if required. Outdoor activities like horse riding, treks in nature trails, jungle walks and discotheque take care of the recreational activities to keep guests occupied.

Hotel Sherwood resorts lies enclosed in eight acres of lush green cover. This is a highly popular four star hotel that treats its guests like Gods and takes special interests in them. It’s the personalized service provided to guests that brings them back again and again. The tastefully decorated rooms are categorized into a/c and non-a/c rooms. There are also chalets and suites at extra costs. Another of the [Mahabaleshwar hotels] ( ) is Brightland Holiday Village which offers 59 rooms and 11 suites to guests.


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