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Mahabaleshwar is a small picturesque hill town that is located in the state of Maharashtra. The town is famous for being a summer retreat and many people from all over the state and also the country travel to the place. One can expect to find a large number of tourists during the peak tourist season.

The place is surrounded by many peaks and hills and there are several quaint hotels that can be nestled among these. The resorts and hotels in Mahabaleshwar offer a revitalizing experience for the guests. Staying at one of the many old colonial type Mahabaleshwar hotels can be a memorable experience.

The resorts of the town are sure to get booked out fast during the peak tourist season and one has to book well in advance to be assured of reservation. Most of the hotels in Mahabaleshwar are located near the bus stand and this makes it convenient for the tourists. The resorts of the town fall under the three star category and they offer spacious and neat rooms for relatively good prices. Many resorts provide complimentary breakfast as well.

Places like The Fountain are quite exotic and they offer rooms with four poster beds and romantic lighting, which makes it an ideal place for couples during the honeymoon. The beds are made from wood and the entire ambience of the hotel is quite spectacular. The hotel also has a light blue tiled swimming pool. The hotel offer excellent views of valleys and one is sure to have a feeling of peace. There are many options for indoor games and other recreational activities as well. The hotel also has a separate playground for children as well. It is a good all round hotel that is ideal for family trips.

Most of the Mahabaleshwar hotels provide the guests with personalize service that ensures that everyone is kept happy. Recreations rooms are a common sight in most resorts and guests can engage in activities such as table tennis, carom and chess. Some hotels also arrange tours to the nearby tourist sites. Pick up and drop services are also available in some Mahabaleshwar resorts and guests can avail such services.

Staying at the various bungalows can be a good experience for the guests. These individual bungalows can be found all over the town. They offer privacy and many of them are located amidst plantations. Bungalows are affordable as well and this makes them a popular choice among travelers.

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