Major Sexual Problems In Women That Every Woman Should Know
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Sexual problems in women are frequent because they can be caused by either physical or psychological causes. The term of "sexual problems" refers to a wide variety of conditions that basically interfere with a woman's ability to have a normal sex life and to enjoy intimate moments.

Unlike men, women need to be in a good state of mind and need to feel safe and appreciated in order to enjoy sex. Otherwise, they might have difficulties and sexual health problems might occur. Stress and anxiety affect lots of women and prevents them from having a normal sexual life.

Sexual problems in women can also be determined by physical conditions and by diseases and illnesses. Hormonal changes and imbalances are the cause of many problems. Women at menopause experience various sexual problems because their level of estrogen decreases. They might be confronted with vaginal dryness or with reduced libido.

Some of the sexual health problems in women refer to lack of libido. In many cases this is determined by psychological causes. It can be about a feeling of uncertainty or fear or it can be about previous traumas. Lack of libido can also be caused by hormonal changes and by pregnancy or post-partum coolness. Pelvic pain or vaginal infections can also decrease libido because they result in painful penetration and women avoid going through this.

Any medical condition that makes intercourse painful can be considered a sexual problem in women. Besides the fact that it makes sex uncomfortable, it also makes women avoid sexual activities out of fear of going through pain. Painful lovemaking can be caused by a multitude of medical conditions including urinary tract infections, gynecological infections, cysts on the ovaries, uterine fibroids, cystitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.

Poor blood circulation can result in sexual problems in women because it prevents proper arousal. Diseases like Parkinson, arthritis or diabetes interfere with a woman's sex life, as well as certain medication like antidepressants or pills for high blood pressure.

Sexual problems in women can be treated as long as their cause is known. If it is a physical cause, a doctor can establish the correct treatment. Women who experience sexual problems due to emotional factors might find useful to undergo some counseling sessions. There are also natural remedies that are used for increasing libido in women or for enhancing lubrication of the vagina. They are very efficient, but all women experiencing sexual problems should first of all exclude the possibility of a potentially dangerous medical condition.

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