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Ten Ways To Make And Keep Friends

Don't we all want to make more and more friends because we can have such fun together and help each other with studies, homework, looking good and hobbies. It's not just you who finds going up to other kids to say Hi difficult the first time - everybody feels awkward and self-conscious. But if you manage to take the first step, you may end up with a friendship that could last forever. Here are 10 surest ways to make and keep friends.

  1. Decide Who You want to be Friends with and Why If you want to be friends with Devikaa because she always looks good or with Raj because he always gets good marks, it will probably be more difficult and less fun than if you wanted to be friends with Rahul because both of you love reading storybooks, or Ruchi because you both love classical dance. Your friends should be people with whom you have hobbies and interests in common. But you could definitely learn from observing Devikaa and Raj - to dress better and the tricks to doing better in class.
  2. Get Involved with Hobby Clubs & Spare-time Activities Hobby Clubs are a great place to meet kids with similar interests. Join the local tennis club or try for a part in the school play. Kids who do things and have many interests are much more fun than those who spend time just lolling around or watching television.
  3. Be the First to Say Hi If you've joined a new school or club and don't know anybody around, don't wait for someone to introduce you to your classmates. Just go up to whichever kid's face you like, smile, say hi and tell him/her your name. It's just that easy. Nobody is ever nasty to someone who smiles at them and says hello
  4. Say Nice Things About Your Friends All of us like it when our friends nice things about us to others and us. If your friend has brand new pair of Nike shoes or a smart skirt, tell her she looks nice. Apart from this, don't say nasty things about your friends behind their back - it's sure to reach them and then you'll be in a mess.
  5. Don't Spill Secrets Most of us tell bad things about home or parents or family to only those who we feel are our good friends. When you promise to keep your best buddy's secret, do keep it. Don't be a blabbermouth and tell it to your other friends or classmates.
  6. Help Your Friends If your buddy needs help with his homework or with a science project, don't say no. Take out the time to help. He'll help you in return whenever the need arises.
  7. Don't be Envious or Jealous If your friend is a star athlete, a good actor or gets great marks at school, don't end up feeling envious. Instead appreciate them and get them to help you get better at whatever they are good at. Besides, you anyway have many talents of your own which you have not developed properly - work on those.
  8. Always Share Whether it's just almond chocolate, butterscotch ice cream or a cricket bat, share things with your friends. It's a kind of a chain, they'll share their goodies with you.
  9. Make Your Birthday Treats Special This is a great way to keep pals. Instead of the boring old birthday party, ask your mum and dad to do something special like taking you and all your friends out to a good movie or a picnic or an amusement park. Nothing like making sure that your friends have a really rollicking time.
  10. Get Small Presents whenever You Get back from a Holiday Most of us go on family vacations every year when school closes. Don't forget to bring back a small, inexpensive present for whoever you think are your good friends. You can get mom and dad to help you decide what to buy. This will not only make your friends happy but they will know that you think of them even when you are far and away.


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