Make Free Unlimited Calls From PC To Mobile Anywhere In The World
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Every Internet User’s dream! Infact, there are various services promising free local and international calls but sadly, only handful of them works. Here is something using Yahoo Messenger which can be used to make unlimited PC to mobile calls.

Yes, there are some services working fine but just for US but this one can be used to make free local calls to India and other nations. It worked for me. I couldn't resist myself to share this trick with my readers. Here we go:

How to make PC to Phone calls for free anywhere in the World?


at I need? 1. Latest Yahoo Messenger version 9.0 which supports Voice protocols. 2. Microphones

How do I start? After installing Yahoo Messenger, Sign and configure Mic and Headsets. Dial +18003733411 and hit Enter.

Now, you can see a small window calling to that number with the message : There is no charge to call this number.

You will be connected to Free Call and operator welcomes you. You will be given options to choose from various services from free411 and last one is Free Call. Now Say FREE CALL loudly in you microphone.

There will be short advertisement. Wait till they say -“Please dial the phone number country code first,don’t forget to dial 1 for north America”

Start dialing the desired phone number you want to call. Include Country code (eg. 91 for India) followed by the mobile / landline number.

  1. Dial Phone Number to call

Start talking to the person you have called. It will last for 5 minutes (not too less) and you can repeat same procedure to reconnect.

Why Free? FREE411 service toll-free number is based in USA. This company gets paid for the advertisements from sponsors.

Any Limits or Restrictions? Not actually, you can use this service limitless.

My Verdict : Indeed a great service as I always like FREE ones. I faced problems like while dialing number of desired person- Sometimes they say “Servers are Busy,Try again” but that has to be compromised as its a free service.



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