Make Love To A Woman Before You Touch Her
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Romance and Setting a Mood

The following is how to prepare a woman's mind for incredible sex. If you do this even halfway right, her mind will prepare her body for an unforgettable night. What do I mean? Your words and actions will affect her mood. Her mood will affect her body. Once you get her going in the right direction it gets easier as the night goes on. So where do you start?

Romance is more than a candle lit dinner, roses and a gift. Romance is an attitude. The secret to being romantic is to bathe a woman's mind with thoughtfulness, fun, tenderness and security, without smothering her or acting needy. All women have different personalities and expectations so it is up to you to find out what she desires and what combination of romance works best with her. One woman may find it romantic for you to plan a night at the ballet while another may find a camping trip to be the most romantic event.

Things to say to a woman

Communication is the key. Talk to your lover like she is your mistress and she will respond as a mistress. Talk to her like she is on old gym bag and she will respond like an old gym bag. Here

When a Man Makes Love to a Woman are some ideas; 
  1. Compliment her physical appearance, especially her hair, clothes, shoes and perfume.

A woman wears these things for herself but she also wears them for you. Take notice and compliment her on other things. She will feel assured and confident that you are impressed and she will feel good about herself. Always compliment what she is wearing even when she is dressed very casual. Women are always conscience about their clothes. You can get a lot of hints from women themselves, as they compliment each other. The more you compliment a woman on her appearance, her sexiness, her sexual performance, or anything she does, the harder she will try to please you. Take note of what they say. It is all part of preparing her mind for uninhibited sex.

  1. Ask her how her day was.

Be careful with this question and use your best judgment because it could open up a can of worms. If she is angry about anything, you may hear about it after asking, but she may take it as a thoughtful gesture and respond with appreciation. If she doesn't respond with appreciation, it is up to you to tactfully change the subject ASAP or help her view the situation from a positive viewpoint. You have more control over her than you may think. Remember that you are trying to create an atmosphere that is free for sexual expression.

  1. Let her know how you feel about her and what it’s like to make love to her.

I know this is hard for some of you, but if you want better sex and a better sexual response out of your lover you will at least try the following.

In a sense, you should talk to her as if she is your mistress. In other words, if sex has become a routine, break the routine. Now some of you still don't know what I am talking about so let me fill you in.

  1. As you make love to her, starting with the first touch to the last, tell her what you are experiencing. Let her know what it is like to kiss her, touch her, hold her, love her, look at her, smell her, see her expressions. On the other hand, tell her how good she makes you feel while she gives you sexual attention.

  2. Build your lover up in front of others; Compliment her, brag about her.

  3. Unless the passion is so strong that you find yourself ripping your clothes off for a quickie, I suggest as a general rule of thumb to saturate your lover with foreplay until she verbally or physically asks, insists or begs you to make love to her. In this way you will know she is ready and she will be much more responsive to lovemaking. Now that you have reached this stage, start teasing her, as slow as you can go, inch by inch, a little in, a little out, take as much time as you can in giving her all you've got. Your objective is to draw her mind into a state of desire, want and need, which leads to satisfying those desires. (More on this in the "Eight Stages to Making Love to a Woman).

  4. Hear her.

Most women will let you know what they want, but the problem is they usually express it with sarcasm or resentment. If a woman says, "…you've never taken me to see a play at the downtown theater…". She is really telling you that she wants you to plan a special evening of a nice dinner, a play, then sex all night. So when she sounds like she is complaining, she may be asking for romance.

  1. If a woman ever tells you how good you look, she is really asking you to notice her and compliment her.

  2. Find out what she expects you to do for her family during Christmas, birthdays and other special events.

  3. Wake up! Many things a woman does or says is the opposite of what she really means.



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