Makeup Rules - Don't Let Makeup Disasters Strike You!
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Any occasion or festival calls for you to dress and look your best. If you do not look good you will only feel bad and completely out of place. On the other hand dressing up well will give you the confidence to pull you through. To help you look gorgeous there is always makeup, however you do need to know how to wear it appropriately. Wearing the right makeup according to the occasion is important; if not you could end up looking over dressed or otherwise. It is therefore important that you stick to a few golden makeup rules. However disasters in makeup are bound to happen, you could however avoid them completely.

Learning how to apply the right kind of makeup even for your wedding day is important. You might have to adopt a few makeup skills, which can be brought about by a few days of practice. Here are a few simple makeup rules to follow that will keep you looking good at all times without even paying a visit to the beauty parlour.

• Never go beyond the limit – As said, it is always good that you don’t overdo your makeup. This includes everything right from the basics like foundation, blues, lipstick, eye shadow and anything else you plan on applying. Your attempt is to look real and beautiful, not artificial and porcelain. Choose colors that wok well with you face, you clothes and the season.

• Try using false eyelashes – If you have eyelashes that are almost not there then a better way out would be to use false eyelashes. It will not only doll you up but give you an extra glam look that is sure to bring you compliments. The best length is the 3.57 eyelash that you can use at the corner of your eye with a touch of mascara you are ready for the night.

• If you have small lips- Beautiful lips add a lot of glamour even if you don’t apply any makeup. Not everyone though is endowed with beautiful luscious lips, however if you want your thin lips to look full you could always rely on makeup. Use a good lipliner for the outline of your lips, fill it up with lipstick that matches the outline shade. For a pout dust some gold or bronze dust in the middle.

• Customizing give a dimension to the face – Use the “T” of your forehead to apply foundation, then use a few drop on your cheek and mix it well. You could use some blush to highlight your cheekbones later.

Here are a few handy tips to apply your makeup well.

• Begin with the base makeup • Choose a foundation color that is a shade lighter than your skin color. • Blend you foundation well, to leave out blotches and patches. You could use your blush brush to achieve this. Add glamour to your eyes with flash eyelashes, mascara and eye shadow. Wear your lipstick last, but choose one that matches what you wear. • Lipstick colors that are in rage this season are plums and roses. • Keep colors to the minimum, too many colors will make you look overdone and like a clown. • Always take second opinion about how you look, it could be you sister, brother, mother or husband.

I hope these tips will help you get a beautiful look, even without the need to visit a beauty parlour regularly.

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