Male Impotence | How To Get Rid Of Male Impotency
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Impotence is the inability of men to sustain an erection during a sexual intercourse. This condition is extremely common among men but is treatable. Causes of impotence may be physical or psychological. Both can be cured using psychotherapy and other forms of therapy and by undergoing surgery.

Side effects after surgery could lead to male impotence. When the male sex organs, the penis and the testicles get injured accidentally, it may have an effect on its sensitivity after undergoing surgery. Impotence could also spring from defects from birth. There could be unavoidable birth defects and medical conditions received from parents. Such medical conditions that could lead to impotence are chronic renal failure, diabetes, sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

The use of drugs could also make a person impotent. Drugs such as heroin and cocaine are two of the most addictive drugs and when you take this for recreation, the likelihood that you will suffer from impotence will increase by a mile. Other medications and unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking could also lead to impotence but the biggest factor in the cause of impotence is aging. When men age, it is natural for them to have lower levels of testosterone, which causes erectile dysfunction.

Most people define male impotency as incapability to have normal erections. Erectile dysfunction is called as male impotency many-where; however, erectile dysfunction is not the only cause that can make a man, infertile. Low sperm count, not producing sperms at all, premature ejaculation, low motility sperms, abnormal sperms are all a part of male impotency in one or the other way.

Male impotence treatment includes doing some therapies externally and internally. Externally, there are many lotions, gels, creams, oils, sprays and other applications that can deliver their contents (generally, they are packed with extracts of the herbs those are natural aphrodisiacs) deep into the male reproductive organs and enhance them, nourish them to perform their best.

On the other hand, internally male impotence treatment is achieved using some natural aphrodisiac herbal extracts in the form of pills and capsules. There are some manufacturers who have come up with granules those are recommended to take with lukewarm milk. However, a long period of therapy is advised to have better and fruitful results. Herbs such as Asparagus, Shilajit, Mucuna, Butea, Indian gooseberry, Tribulus are reported to be very beneficial in treating low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other male sexual issues. They are available as pills and capsules to consume. It is better to refer the leaflet for the dosage and ingredients.

In case of male impotency due to erectile dysfunction, the market is full of specially designed devices, toys and supplements. The devices help in engorging the blood in the penis and retain it for required period. This way, such devices treat male impotency. Penis ring, penis pump etc are well known toys or accessories that have been successfully used to treat male impotency.

Easy ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction

Though the problem may sound quite difficult to tackle, there are ways to overcome this embarrassing situation! Let us check out few of the methods/techniques to get rid of erectile dysfunction effectively:-

Supplements: There are many supplements available on the market sold under the label of men enhancement products. Such products contain natural herbs that serve as aphrodisiac compounds. Many herbal manufactures also put some essential vitamins and minerals in order to boost the products. These supplements come in pill or capsule form. The dose depends upon the condition and also on the physician treating the case.

Local application: Some topical applications are also available to get rid of erectile dysfunction. The market is full of lotions, gels, creams, oils and even sprays that are to be applied on the male organ and massaged thoroughly. The makers of these products claim that active ingredients present in such product are introduced into the penile structure that help strengthening the muscles that can help achieving greater, stronger and longer erections.

Exercises: To get rid of erectile dysfunction, exercises also play a major role. Jelqing or milking exercise and ballooning are said to be very beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction. Some health care providers suggest that exercises that strengthen the pelvic muscles and abdomen muscles can also help in getting enough erection with fuller, firmer and stronger penis.

Meditation: It is now not a secret anymore that a man under stressful conditions cannot have better erections. This is because the mind is not fully involved in sexual activities that ultimately divert the sexual hormones that otherwise used to erect the penis. In this way, meditation can significantly improve the erection in a far better way. One should practice meditation not only to overcome erectile dysfunction but it can also offer an optimum health with mental stability.

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