Male Impotence How You Describe It
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The happiness of the couple passes between the normal organic and emotional equality of men and women to fulfill their reproductive role. Today many of the men unable to overcome their disabilities, restoring psychological balance against women.

Male impotence - the physiological contrast to all the fable-is marked far more common problem that rarely deserves a scientist for purposes of disclosure. It is often associated with the emergence of serious psychological problems in humans and reported a common cause of distortion in the relations of the couple, even leading to failure of some marriages.

Impotence is the inability to have relation and among its causes include the decrease, absence or abnormality of eroticism, with erection disorders caused by nerve and vascular injuries, poisoning by drugs, diabetes and gout, diseases of the nervous system and damage to the genitals. It is interesting to distinguish between impotence and sterility that is the inability to procreate even if relation is possible.

The mechanism by which erection occurs due to a sum of complex and synchronized neural processes when psychological and emotional components are well synchronized, the blood flow to the corpora cavernous of the male organ, spongy tissue located on either side of the urethra and it produces an erection. The male organ has three columns of erectile tissue that fill up with blood during normal periods of excitement. This engorgement of erectile tissue and the subsequent erection depends not only on the constriction of the venous outflow but - in large part-of arterial dilation and increased blood flow without change in blood pressure.

Experts estimated that 90% of male impotence was due to psychological problems, whether depression, anxiety or fear of the opposite sex. Male impotence affects almost 50% of the population, in most cases it is a transient problem. The causes of this dysfunction are divided into two groups:

Organic and psychological. Almost a third of cases of male impotence are physical in origin, which shows that psychological problems have an impact on male sexuality.

The treatment of this condition depends on the origin of it, being necessary in some cases, combination therapy, compared to cases of male impotence of psychological origin and physical.

It is considered a problem if a man has difficulties for attaining or maintaining an erection more than 25% of the time. In most men, erection difficulties do not affect sexual desire.

What is Male impotence?

Male impotence defined as a disorder that affects the quality of the man's erection, making it insufficient for penetration, or impossible to maintain it, or you just can not be achieved.

Premature ejaculate is a problem of male impotence, but that is another kind of disorder. . In general you physiologically.

Infertility is also different from male impotence, as an infertile man produces no sperm in sufficient quantity or adequate quality, but its erectile capacity need not be affected.

Causes of male impotence: Interact with erection brain, nerves, hormones, blood vessels, and any interference with this process can be a problem of male impotence. - Diseases: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, thyroid conditions, low testosterone levels, circulatory problems, depression, spinal cord injury, nerve damage, neurological disorders. - Medications: regulators of blood pressure (especially beta blockers), heart medications, certain medications for the treatment of peptic ulcers, antidepressants, sleeping pills. - Drug use (alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, etc.) - Communication problems with the couple. - Stress, fear, anxiety, anger. - sexual expectations unrealistic.

The incidence of male impotence increases with age, but affects men of all ages. In older men male impotence causes more frequent are those of physiological origin, while the young men the main reason is psychological.

Some forms of male impotence are incurable, such as nerve and artery injuries caused by diabetes. The nerve injury caused in certain prostate and bladder operations, which are irreversible. In these cases, a device can be implanted in the male organ, allowing erection.

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