Male Impotence, Inability Of Man To Achieve An Erection
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ED or male impotence is different as the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for mutually satisfying contact with your partner.

Sexual health and purpose are important determinants of excellence in life, men and women of all ages who seek leadership in an attempt to improve their relationships and experience pleasurable sexual life.

Since time immemorial men have prided their sexual experience, which was the bed is a matter of self-esteem and any other event, however, amounts to an insult. Then, as a man would react when confronted with the fact that he is sexually impotent cause for reflection.

When a man can have an erection or can not keep for long, they are labeled as impotent, which is obviously a big ego-issue which is why men avoid confronting these problems, although it’s obvious that the eyes. The loss of erection within minutes of its success is an indication of the impotence and the new situation makes it necessary to be faced with courage and immediate medical help should seek a proper diagnosis of the problem has to do.

The cause of this problem can be both physical and psychological. To have an erection of the penis must be pumped blood from which arteries and the two rods of tissue called the corpora cavernous, which runs the length of the penis, all on the order of the brain to nerves in the penis through the spinal cord. Any type of damage to nerves, arteries or tissues may cause problems in achieving an erection and can be ordered by the use of vacuum devices, help increase blood flow to the penis.

The problem of impotence can sometimes be caused by a disease in the body. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, vascular disease and renal Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis and neurological diseases can cause impotence in men. In this case, the solution is halting. The disease must be diagnosed and treated immediately because it may affect the patient's sex life. Impotence can also be caused by medications such as those used for hypertension, antihistamines, antidepressants and quiet and many others. Apart from these physical reasons psychological problems may also be responsible for impotence.

Depression, anxiety, self-doubts may well make a man loses his erection to doubt their abilities sex. 10% to 20% of the time of psychological problems is the fault of male impotence. Smoking and alcohol consumption can also be the reason for the impeded blood flow. Testosterone deficiency is another potential threat to the power of man.

Medical science is still committed to finding other solutions to male impotence. Meanwhile, this problem can be treated to be a bit more mature ego aside and set the faces in the face. A positive attitude, a pleasant approach and most importantly a healthy diet can help combat the problem of impotence and may lead to a better sex life.

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