Male Impotence Reasons And How To Improve Male Fertility
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Male impotence an also be due to the stress and severe mental disorders that has been there since many years. In such cases, the male sexual hormones get disturbed and start getting out of the control. In these cases, and other congenital cases where male sex hormone deficiency is main culprit, hormonal supplements are used as male impotence cure.

Some medical experts believe that the erection valves become rigid as part of the aging process and lose the ability to contract or relax. Hardening of the arteries, which often accompanies aging, may narrow the erection and producing the degree of hardness a man experienced when he was young.

Thus the main causes of impotence in middle aged men are clogging of blood circulation in the penis, dropping of penile blood pressure, lack of mobility of penile vein valves, and a combination of all these factors.

Many prescription drugs also affect sexual performance, causing impotence, loss of libido, delayed ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, or even developments of female sex characteristics in men.

Now we will know what causes an erection? There is a type of signal which causes the penis to become erect. Sometimes it is caused by an exciting photograph or the sight of an attractive girl; sometimes just the thought of girl or of lovemaking is enough to make it happen. But morning erection experience by men upon awakening is usually because of the pressure of a full bladder.

Types of Impotence

In primary impotence, a man has never been able to achieve erection sufficient for intercourse. In secondary impotence, a man has been able to achieve a normal erection and ejaculation in intercourse, but is not able to repeat the performance. This type of impotence is very common.

If a man has sexual desires but fails to get or hold an erection when exited (with partner and from masturbation) and does not have erection during sleep or upon a wakening , his problem has an organic or physical basis.

Functional impotence is caused due to failure to achieve or maintain an erection because of circulatory or nervous system disorder, effects of aging, anxiety stress or excessive use of alcohol or drugs including many medications taken for high blood pressure.

Organic impotence is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection because of any physical defects in the genitalia or the nervous system tract that controls erection. Psychic impotence is the functional inability of the man to perform satisfactory sexual intercourse in spite of desire and intact genital organs. The condition may take the form of premature ejaculation, or of inability to achieve or maintain erection and expel seminal fluid.

Impotence in young men is caused due to a feeling of sexual insecurity as a result of women’s liberation. The liberated women are sexually more demanding. This demand threatens some men and causing impotence in them.


There are some powerful herbal male enhancement pills and supplements widely used by people all around the world suffering with impotence and weak erection with great results. These supplements are made of natural potent herbs to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

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