Male Libido Enhancement And Loss Of Male Libido Causes And Cures
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Among infertile men, the frequency of chromosomal abnormalities is increased. Among these chromosomal abnormalities are most frequent. The men carrying a translocation produce a significant percentage of sperm with a combination of the unbalanced translocation, leading to a risk more or less important imbalance for their offspring.

Masturbation is also effective solution to deal with premature ejaculation. Masturbation can be done with or without your girl partner. Always try masturbating with dry hands. It will help you in delaying ejaculation. Hold your male sexual organ and shake it in up and downward movements until man realizes that he is about to discharge. After this excitement will stop for sometime and try again. This will help you in controlling the premature ejaculation.

A) Hormone Treatment - Although this treatment is expensive, it is effective in the treatment of low sperm count. This treatment involves giving a patient hormone shots in order to stimulate sperm production. The hCG shots are administered to the patient three times a week and after a couple of months, the testosterone levels rises to normal. As soon as the testosterone levels increases to normal, shots are switched from hCG to FSH – this shot directly supports the production of sperm.

B) Surgical Procedure - Vericoceles located in the testicles can be surgically removed with the help of a urologist. A varicocele (a varicose vein situated in the testicles) should be removed because it usually holds a pocket of blood which can overheat sperm and therefore cause low sperm count because the body cannot remove the sperm from the damaging heat of the varicocele.

C) Natural Treatment for Low Sperm Count - Do not expose your testicles to high temperatures: if sperm is regularly overheated it will die off, thereby leading to low sperm count. As soon as a man's body temperature begins to get too hot, the testicles protect the sperm by pulling away from the body.

D) Maintain a healthy eating habit – add to your diet, foods that are rich in zinc, proteins and vitamins. Ensure you eat water-soluble vegetables and fruits. Give up health destroying habits such as excessive alcohol intake and cigarette or tobacco smoking. Does not use exercise bikes! Research has shown that men who use exercise bikes are more likely have low sperm count.

E) Herbal Supplements - Herbal supplements contain 100% natural herbs can treat low sperm count. Many of these supplements can be bought online. Keep away as much as you possibly can from anything, anyone or any situation that will leave you stressed out. You can learn how to reduce your stress levels by taking yoga classes or you can practice the art of meditation.

Simply speaking, men should practice a healthy lifestyle; in this way, blood flow will be stimulated properly that will result to gratifying sexual experience.

Most of the time, what men do with their bodies is to overwork them; thus, leaving their bodies worn out. This will definitely decrease their sexual experience.

As men age, living a healthy lifestyle becomes more and more difficult. This is the challenge to them; be healthy enough in order to have a rewarding sexual experience, even at an old age.

The issue now is whether to use or not to use these male enhancement products. Men have to decide if they will resort to using these sexual enhancement products; should they find it effective and conducive to stimulating their sexual health.

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