Male Libido Enhancer And How To Improve Low Male Libido
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Libido or the desire to have sex is an important aspect of male sexuality. It is commonly observed that men tend to measure the size of their masculinity by their libido. However, your libido does not remain the same throughout life. Your mental state and sexual desire are interlinked. It is commonly observed that you face a dipping sex drive when you are stressed out. Moreover, when men find their sex drive declining, they tend to get depressed about it.

There are many factors at play as far as male libido is concerned. They could be physical, emotional or lifestyle related issues. While emotional reasons include stress, depression, relationship problems, boredom etc., physical factors include diseases such as heart condition, diabetes and a decline in the male hormone, Testosterone. It is scientifically established that you lose about 10% testosterone a decade after the age of 30 which leads to a host of changes in your health and body.

Causes of Low Sex Drive: -

• Pain • Fatigue • Surgery • Alcohol and Drugs • Psychological Problems and Stress • Low Testosterone

How to Improve Low Male Libido: -

• Foods that are known to enhance sex drive in men include oysters, chicken, beef, almonds, celery, avocados, bananas, etc., you should have a diet that is moderate in proteins and essential fats such as Omega 3, but limited in carbohydrates specially those rich in simple sugars such as potatoes. • Garlic is one of nature's aphrodisiacs. It has been used for centuries to counteract the loss of libido in both males and females. Chew two to three cloves of garlic each day. If you don't want to go around with extremely toxic garlic breath, you can purchase garlic supplements from your local health food store and take them according to the supplier's instructions. • This is because carbohydrates tend to increase the level of insulin and cortical in blood which negatively affects testosterone production. On the other hand, your diet must contain essential fatty acids since all steroid hormone are produce with cholesterol. A very good source of essential fatty acids is oily fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel. • Low libido can also cause due to the malnutrition. Take nutritious diet like fruits and fresh green vegetables. This will helps you to increase the lower level of testosterone and also increases your stamina. • Furthermore, reducing stress also plays a crucial role in libido enhancement. Regular exercise also helps by increasing blood circulation. It not only helps reduce stress but is also a good way of improving your sleep quality. However, expert’s advice that you should not workout for more than 60 minutes in a single session since after 60 minutes or so your body starts producing Cortical which inhibits and diminishes testosterone production.

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