Manas Honeymoon Packages For Newlywed Couples
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Manas is said to be the most beautiful place even in the whole world. This place is situated in the foot hills of Himalayas and it is located in Assam. You should book your honeymoon trip with Manas Honeymoon Packages to enjoy your honeymoon amidst beautiful green nature in Assam, East India. Here there is a Manas Wild Life Sanctuary which is a famous sanctuary and it is also a UNESCO world site. In 1928, Manas was declared a wild life sanctuary. The place got its name from the river which flows through the wild life sanctuary.

In 1973, Manas Tiger Reserve was created. Manas Tiger Reserve is located amidst the gentle slopes of the foot hills of the Himalayas. You should visit this place with Manas Honeymoon Packages as you can enjoy the dense forest with some exotic species of animals other than tigers. You can enjoy and experience close encounters with these animals in their natural habitat.

You can book your honeymoon trip to Manas and spot animals like pigmy hog, golden langur, hispid hare, one horned rhino and some other animals in this dense forest. You should visit this place conveniently by hiring a Jeep. You can explore the forest by taking Jeep, without disturbing animal and without making noise.

You can also take a boat for a stretch of 35 kilometers which starts from Mathanguri. You can also explore this park by sitting on an elephant. The authorities of the park arrange the rides on an elephant which starts from Mathanguri and take you in the dense forest areas. You can enjoy all the three options and make your trip exciting wit Manas Honeymoon Packages. You can fully enjoy your trip with your new life partner and spot animals by moving around the forest.

Here the vegetation is spread in most of the area of the park. You can spot here the herds of deer feeding on the grasses in the forest. You can see varieties of animals here like leopards, Sloth Beers, Barking Deer, Sambhar, Hog Deer, Macaques, tigers etc. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the company of these animals by booking your trip with Manas Honeymoon Packages. You can also spot Black Panthers, Rhinos and elephants here.

Apart from these animals, you can also enjoy the company of beautiful birds like Ducks, Fowls, Pelics ans, Egrets, Fishing Eagles, Herons etc. Book your honeymoon trip with Manas Honeymoon Packages and make your trip beautiful.

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