Maoist Leader Slams KCR, Jana Reddy & YS Jagan
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Maoist Leader Slams KCR, Jana Reddy & YS Jagan

Chief Maoist leader Kishanji has slammed the ex Home Minister Jana Reddy and YS Jagan. Speaking to a news channel through phone he said that Jana Reddy & KCR are doing the Telangana agitation only to advance their political desires. He said that these two leaders did nothing for the development of Telangana all these years. He wondered how people like these can claim that they would develop Telangana if it forms. And now these resignations is just a big "farce" he said.

Kishanji reminded that most of these leaders like KCR and Jana Reddy belongs to the communities which tortured and killed many lower caste people. He lamented that the Telangana struggle right now is in the hands of these "Dora" castes who never like lower castes become successful.

Kishanji also reminded how the ex Home Minister mercilessly ordered the execution of thousands of Maoists and innocent people when he was the home minister.

Kishanji challenged the leaders like MLAs and MPs who resigned yesterday to also submit their resignations to their respective parties if they have any guts.

Kishanji also said that YS Jaganmohan Reddy is a big real estate mafia don. He said that YS Jagan and his Sakshi media are against the Telangana formation as he is worried about his real estate properties.

Kishanji also warned the Congress High Command to give Telangana within next three months or the Maoists would enter the scene here.



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