Marine Engineering
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Marine Engineering I get a lot of questions, at least two a week, from people looking at becoming a marine engineer but unsure what qualifications they require, can get and what jobs they can do after this. This page hopefully goes someway to explain.

Marine engineering comes in two families Sea Going Marine Engineering- These are the people this sight is specifically aimed at although there are some parts equally of interest to both Shore Based Marine Engineering - These are people who do not study for certificate of competencies but instead follow an accademic route which leads them to the research and development side

Sea Going Marine EngineeringEntry qualifications are very much dependent on the root you follow. This can range from none to a degree. No qualifications are required when you first start as a member of the crew gaining experience and knowledge whilst working on a vessel. An increaseing level of qualification is required as the curse which leads to the first certificate of competency is condensed. Traditionally you will start as a cadet having 5 or more high school qualifications. Hopefully this will be under sponsorship from an employer. Completion of the cadetship should give a qualification of a higher diploma or Degree.

These qualifications are very important as they contin units which do not have to be retaken when you try for the higher levels of certificates in later years. Having obtained your first certificate you will now be qualified to sail as a watchkeeping engineer on a variety of vessels. You wil be expected to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of large diesel engines, air compressors, fridge systems, pumps, boilers and amny other anciliary equipment. You will also have some knowledge on electrical, electronic and control engineering.

You will have some ability in the workshop including machining and welding. In future years you can chose to move into the many shore based industries that are currently crying out for experienced engineers such as technical superintendency, Accident investigations, damage assessor and surveying Shore Based Marine EngineeringThere are degree and above qualifications in marine engineering and naval architecture which allow entry into the various design and development side of vessels. There are in addition qualifications specifically for sea going personel that are looking to come ashore


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