Massage Breast In More Comfortable Way For More Pleasure
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Massage breast can be pleasurable, but also the ideal way to examine breast abnormalities detected by a more comfortable way.

When is breast massage

Sure, your breasts are less bulky at times of the month.

But you can self- massage if at any time, even if you are voluminous.

If the best time to pay attention to oneself when one is bleeding, because that is when you take the time to be alone, then it is time to perform breast self-examination - massage.

You could do it every week and get to know how your breasts change with your cycle, but most likely will be each month. First, buy some breast massage oils or cream. Then, create a comfortable and private place where you can recline: a hot bath or in bed propped up with pillows. Protect linens and clothing stains of oil. How Breast Massage

Imagine or visualize the energy coming out of their nipples. Let her breasts and heart open and flowing like the buzz. Transfer of some herbal oil or ointment to your palms. Put on either side of a buzz and if. Cup fingers beside or below the breast, thumbs touching and even higher in the chest as possible. If your breasts are very large, the rest of the law if the right palm and left thumb to massage, from the armpit and was heading to the center of the chest.

Press and slide the thumb down towards the nipple, pressing the fabric if the fingers and palms. Stretch your thumbs up your collarbone again, but a little further apart, press and slide down. Continue until your thumbs are as far apart as possible half his chest and armpit. Repeat, gradually increasing pressure, but only as long as it feels good.

Caution: There is a slight possibility of spread of breast cancer through vigorous massage, careless handling, or deep pressure.

Transfer of more oil to your palms and rub hands together. Repeat the previous pattern, the race but break: Instead of a long, slow moving, soft, use your thumbs to make a lot of overlapping short, gradually extending to the chest. Raise your arm you are breast massage, and put his hand behind you or in your head. If you’re tilted outward, owned a pillow under your shoulder lean not on.

Dip your fingers in oil or ointment, and from the armpit, press the yolks of their first two or three fingers down with enough pressure to keep the skin and make a small circle. Continue making small circles with enough pressure to feel the underlying structures as it traces a spiral around an imaginary of his armpit and around his chest, ever smaller until you reach the nipple.

If it is difficult or impossible for you to use your fingers, use your hand. Cover the breast with his hand and no buzz. Bend your fingers to gently tweak the armpit and the crest - rich lymphatic tissues and muscles that extend from the shoulder down the chest.

Move up and down several times this range, based on small press or spiral slides or short or long strokes themselves. How touching breasts, imagine or visualize their fingertips that emit sparks pink healing embrace that and feed their breasts. Allow any difficulty which was held relieved breast massage oil.

Let the energy was calm overactive pace of the fingers by turning in circles, spiraling. Apply more massage oil with finger pads, making large circles sliding half of the chest below the breast, up toward the armpit and above and around, again and again, with a steady beat.

Call Wise sanitary within that humming. Give your other breast massage, starting from the beginning: Put your hands on your heart. Is there any difference between the breast massage and already has not yet Hold your hands vigorously together oily, to keep sides of his chest and no buzz. Extend your thumb and massage as before, including all strokes and finishing with eyes closed, deeply relaxing and then contact you and listen to their wise sanitary Intern. Sinus massage after

After self- massage, take a moment to record their experience. This will help you quickly learn what is normal for you. You can draw a map of your breasts to help you remember what I heard. Record any message given to you by your breasts or your healer within rational. If desired, make a little humming song during her massage.

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Breast Massage


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    how can i recieve brest massage from boys my nipples are hard and round in shape?