Masturbation: A Burning Women And Men
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Men and women discover their sexuality with masturbation, which usually starts around ten or eleven years. Of course, boys and girls played well in advance of the genital organs. Especially the boys catch the penis from the first year of life because they see it as a strange device, which protrudes from the rest of their body.

Infants caressed for pleasure-not sexual-that feel. When done five or six years, engaged in sexual explore through play with other children of their peers.

Only when the boys and girls reach puberty, so begins the production of male and female hormones deliberately resort to masturbation for sexual gratification. Many children masturbate by ten or he was eleven years of age, others much later. The complacency is for most a very personal affair and masturbation one of the most sensitive topics for a couple.

How the world sees masturbation


Many believe that masturbation is an unnatural and disgusting act. They do not understand all the reasons behind this performance, and condemn those who do not renounce, even though they have sexual partners. Others again when they masturbate in front of their sexual partner or masturbation is mutual, they feel great pleasure, especially when the sexual experience is a culmination of the preliminary love games. It is important that people understand that complacency does not hurt anyone except those who have moral codes that condemn him.

What man likes

The male masturbation is a personal matter, which rarely involve the woman. Even in marriage, the wife often has the opportunity to monitor the activity of her husband. But if you do not know what your partner is doing to meet it difficult to indulge yourself in such a pleasure. The best way to learn is to see him and ask him. Instead, she has more points sexually stimulated. Stroking the scrotum and testicles do not arouse men so much. The man is focusing its efforts on the glens and bridle rather sticks to the penis, used to his hand up and down rhythmically.

What like a woman

The easiest way to teach a man how women want to be excited is to follow when you masturbate. However, some prefer to masturbate the sexual partners because their complacency creates obligations. For others again, masturbation has become a routine procedure to relieve their sexual impulses. As a condition for the female orgasm is a direct and constant stimulation, some women when they love, they resort to self-satisfaction to get certainly the climax. According to statistics, only 30% of women have orgasm during intercourse, while 80 % reach the climax with masturbation.

The masturbation is fun

The masturbation is an option, a way to increase a couple's sexual pleasure, which helps to sexuality in all areas of life. This of course does not mean that if you do not masturbate, you're not normal. It should also remember that masturbation does not affect the success or failure of your marital life. However, according to some evidence, those who masturbate without guilt more freely express their sexuality; best know their reactions to calls of love and enjoy sex more. The self-satisfaction is an excellent substitute for intercourse when the woman is pregnant, giving birth or recovering from surgery or when a man can have an erection.

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