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Matheran is neatly tucked away in the Sahyadri hills on the West Coast in Maharashtra. It is easily accessible to tourists by road and rail from Mumbai and Pune. It’s more a weekend getaway for Mumbaikers as it’s just 100kms away from their concrete jungle. This quaint little hill town was discovered in 1854 by the then collector of Thane, Hugh Malet.

Malet fell instantly in love with this place and decided to build his home here and till date his home still stands tall as a heritage hotel, The Byke. Like Hugh Malet, anyone visiting this hill spot for the very first time would be left spellbound by its beauty and greenery all round. Mother Nature has showered her abundance here with green forests, cascading waterfalls, gurgling brooks and little streams, it’s a trekker’s paradise.

There are many budget hotels in Matheran for those who want good hospitality at reasonable prices. The Hotel Maldoonga Resort, Hotel Rangoli Retreat, Hotel Royal and Hotel Woodlands are all budget hotels. Never be fooled by the tag ’budget’ as these hotels offer all the best amenities anyone could ask for. Whether guests want to connect to the outside world through internet or telephone, they can do it instantly. Comfortable stay is assured and guests are personally well taken care of and all their requests fulfilled instantly.

The Hotel Maldoonga Resort is a highly reputed hotel and is strategically placed. Every place is within walking distance from here. The services and amenities provided by this hotel are excellent and will leave no room for complaint. All rooms are comfortable and well appointed with attached baths with 24hr hot/cold running water. Lip smacking food is readily available in their restaurant.

Another one among the budget Matheran hotels is Hotel Rangoli Retreat. The hotel is completely surrounded by green forests, waterfalls and mist covered mountains conveniently. It is located close to the railway station and Daturi car park. This classic hotel offers all modern amenities in all its 24 rooms. The Royal hotel is another outstanding budget accommodation for budget conscious travelers. Guests can opt for either a/c rooms or non-a/c rooms. This hotel has won several awards for its hospitality and is easily one of the best budget hotels in Matheran. To experience homely atmosphere, one should head to Hotel Woodlands.

Budget hotels are convenient, economical and extend warmth to their guests, providing them personal attention.

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