Govind Joshi • on 9 years ago • 2 min read

Hi to all of the readers.I am a 19 year old every guy in this age i am ful of enthusiasm and joy,having some dreams and many life is full of ups and downs,may be this statement is exaggeration but everyone thinks that his life has been tougher than others,but i dont think that,though i have also faced many problems and very tough situations at times but still i will say that i am lucky.means luck favours me at times when i need it.when i have nothing to do about.but sometimes i get unlucky too.this happens at that times when i have a lack of self confidence or when i lose confidence on someone.means i am not blaming the fate for all that what happened i have mixed type of luck. I am not a proficient writer nor i am some novelist but i am writing here just to relieve life,situations arise when we feel stressed ,that time if u share it with someone,it relieves us.i dont feel that i have achieved that someone whom i should say anything or everything so i am writing here uptill then.this was just an introduction.maybe it does not give optimum info and may be some people think this entry as strange or tough to understand but this is just a start ,there is lot to come.and whatever been written today is the condition of mind for now only,so the flavour of my writings will change according to my mood. bye ,until my next entry here


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