Medication Panic Attacks - Find Out The Best Medication For Panic Attack
Andrew Carmiel • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 2 min read

There are 1/3 Americans being suffered from panic attack, and the numbers keep growing every single day. Even though Panic Attack will not take your life right away, but imagine living in constant and extreme fear every single minute.

We will discuss several types of panic attack medications and its effectiveness in this article:

  1. Medical Solution

If you go to doctor to find a solution for your panic attack, usually your doctor will give you relief pills or the variant. Taking relief pills will help calming your nerve and as a result your panic attack will be hibernated. This probably is the fastest solution to overcome your panic attack.

If you have important meeting next week, I will suggest you take these pills. However, over a long run these relief pills only will do you worse than good. Once the medication stopped, your panic attack will come again.

  1. Herbal Supplements

Some people swear that herbal supplements can cure their panic attack. Some herbal supplements can work like relief pills. However, after testing hundreds of panic attack sufferers, there is no evidence that herbal supplements can cure panic attack permanently.

  1. Hypnotist

Hypnotist is a preferable approach than medical solution over a long run, as hypnotist gives you no side effect. However, the effectiveness of hypnotist is vague from one person to one person. Also, you might need to perform hypnotist session regularly to ensure your panic attack will never come up again. In America, the cost of performing hypnotist session is not cheap.

  1. Advanced Cognitive Behavior Technique

Advanced cognitive behavior technique is the newest invention in applied psychology field. Put it in simple words, with advanced cognitive behavior technique you can make a change to any of your undesired behavior permanently including panic attack, even though this technique will not give you instant result, but this technique will give permanent solution for your panic attack.

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