Meeting Women Isn’t Magic
Sunny • onMating & Dating 13 years ago • 3 min read

Isn’t it fascinating if you’re successful with the woman you encounter? No, then stop reading, not even a word. This is for those who want to be successful with women.

What I mean meeting is not just getting introduced, there’s lot of difference between guy meets a woman and guy gets a woman and this deals with how a guy gets a woman, not just meeting.

You would be jealous when you see a short, lean, dark guy having nice girlfriend, yes, it’s human instance, but how to overcome?

Unfortunately, many men will excuse themselves from success by saying, “I’m not rich or famous… I’m not tall or handsome. I don’t have a chance to be successful like those other guys.” This, of course, puts the idea of success into the mental realm of impossibility.

To most men who have never experienced it, success with women is unexplainable—it looks like magic.

My findings from my little experiences how to be more successful with women, I didn’t know what was possible. However, women are attracted to personality rather than looks and those who go for looks are only few exceptional cases.

Why women don’t like a guy who treats her nicely and buying gifts, instead, they get attracted to jerks?

The reasons are; if you are buying gifts and treating her very nicely it shows that you are interested in her, it makes her feel uncomfortable, most women don’t like, so they play and dump you.

If you aren’t interested in woman (if you know very well), it makes her crazy, she thinks, other guys are attracted to me and why this guy isn’t interested in me? She takes it as challenge first; this triggers her, the more you play hard the more she becomes closer to you and at the same time, respect her.

You need to be unpredictable. If you’re then they try to predict you, so they start thinking about you, so you are ahead of competition. If you want to get her, you need to follow these rules.

I was wondering how to freak out with the women on first date, I tried many tricks I learnt from books and movies, they seem to be work well but not all the times & not with every woman, I meet, most of the times these techniques fail.

Finally, I had my own way, instead of asking her for a dinner or something; invite her, suppose I wanted to take her for dinner I say “I am going out for dinner would you like to join with me?” she says yes unless she had some urgent work to attend. Because people like to be invited than to be get commanded.

Try not to imitate someone, do it in your own way and naturally. Go with the gut and present yourself confidently. These are the key things to become successful with women. At first, it seems to be silly and hard but trust me it works, you won’t be rejected.


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  • meera 13 years ago

    The article was indeed good to let the guys have a few tips to get a girl....... however i would say that many things that were mentioned in the articles about the girl's feeling, will also go with the guys...... A guy would get wexed up if a girl cares too much or motherfy the girl instead they will be attracted to the girls who are nice with them, not too caring and a bit of egoism(only a little) will add the essense.

    And i would also add that the guy need not buy manythings and treat her too nicely, but if the guy acts too arrogent, and rude its a big put off to a girl.... so dont be too nice but be polite..