Meghalaya Honeymoon Packages For Newlywed Couples
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Meghalaya is a good place for newlywed honeymoon couples. It is a state which provides spectacular scenic beauty for newlywed couples to enjoy.

Meghalaya is a good place for honeymoon couple. It is a state which provides spectacular scenic beauty for honeymoon couples to enjoy. So you should book your honeymoon trip with Meghalaya honeymoon packages to enjoy mountain streams, waterfalls, ravines and lakes. Literally the meaning of Meghalaya is Abode of Clouds. It is a best place for honeymoon couple. Honeymoon couple enjoys the beauty of the forests, rainfall, plateaus which are the charms of this state. This is a right place for honeymoon couple to spend some unforgettable moments. You should visit the natural beauty of this place with Meghalaya honeymoon packages.

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and it is a beautiful tourist attraction. You will enjoy plenty of attractions in Meghalaya as there are lots of things to enjoy in Meghalaya. There are many attractive honeymoon destinations in this state. Some of the major destinations for honeymoon couple are

  1. Shillong - It is a beautiful hill station apart from capital of Meghalaya. Usually people know this place as Scotland of the East as this place is very rich in natural beauty. You should surely visit this place with the help of Meghalaya Honeymoon Packages. There is a Ward’s lake which attracts lots of tourists. Honeymoon couple may also enjoy exotic plants at the Botanical Gardens in Shillong. One of the best picnic spot of Shillong is Shillong Peak which is 10 kms from Shillong. Here the people enjoy the panoramic view of the city along with picnic. You should not miss this place with Meghalaya Honeymoon Packages.

  2. Jaintia Hills - This is a famous place as these hills are home to Jaintia tribes. This place is blessed with abundant sunshine, cascading waterfalls and sufficient rainfall. In Meghalaya this place is known for its unique scenic and picturesque site. This place is encircled by the river Myntdu. You must visit this place to make your honeymoon trip unforgettable.

  3. Khasi Hills - This beautiful place is in the central part of Meghalaya and it is very near to Shillong. In north east this place is a most famous hill resort. Especially for honeymooners this place is an ideal destination. This is a beautiful place where you can spend a quality time with your life partner at the Umiam Lake. You can also enjoy water sports here with your partner. With the help of Meghalaya Honeymoon Packages you can make your honeymoon trip unforgettable.

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