Memories Of Love
Sunny • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

This feeling, so strong like I’ve never felt before, the intense feeling of love deep inside my soul. Never want to lose this feeling, only want more, getting your undying love, is my main goal.

I love you like I love the stars and the moon, more than I ever could need water and food. I hope I could hug you and kiss you very soon, cause your voice and presence make me feel good.

If I would walk a mile for each fraction of my love, I would walk and swim a 1000 times around the Earth And even then it wouldn’t equal my true love for you, not equal the value, the full intensity of your worth.

For me, you could be the beginning of the End, the end in a story that is never finished. A whole life with you at my arms to spend, and a intense love that never could be diminished.

I dream of sitting with you under a gorgeous Willow tree, at the edge of a beautiful, crystal blue lake. And now that the possibility is so very near, it’s like a dream only now I’m awake.

So remember that I want to please you the rest of your life, it is my name I hope you’ll never forget, I want to spend my time next to you, by your side, knowing I would lead a Life without regret!



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