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If you really want to do better in life and be successful, you must first start improving yourself. You are not perfect and you cannot be perfect but the least that you could do is to improve some aspects in your personality and yourself. One way of improving your personality is to improve your ability to remember and recall information effectively.

Your memory is where you base your intelligence and your capabilities. Knowledge is stored information in your brain, acquired from different sources. If your ability to remember and recall things is not far from mediocre, that would definitely a problem.

Improve your Memory skills:


Make sure you go to the meeting or social event with the INTENTION of remembering names. Don't underestimate this step. Intention is extremely important because it prepares your mind for what you want it to do. All you have to do is to say to yourself "I am going to remember the names of all the people I meet". Say it with determination and the effect will be much stronger.

Initiate Contact

Walk up to each person and initiate the contact by saying hello, shaking their hand and telling them what your name is. In this way you have control over the situation and will be more likely to remember their name when they tell you what it is.


When each person tells you their name, concentrate on the words, and if possible repeat their name. You can also check with them whether your pronunciation is correct. This is an excellent way to fix their name in your 'memory banks'. When you have just met someone, the more times you repeat their name, either out loud or silently to yourself, the more likely you are to remember it. Remember that repetition is fundamental in learning how to improve memory skills.

Show Interest in the Name

If the person you have just met has an unusual name, or it is the same as someone you already know, ask them about their name - engage them in conversation and you will form a stronger connection with that person, making it much easier to remember their name.

Repeat the Names You Have Just Learnt

As the meeting or social situation continues, use every opportunity to say the names you have just learnt. Make sure that you look at each 'new' person as you do so, because this will be a great way to link their name to their personal appearance.

Review Names and Faces

After you have left the meeting, review in your mind the people you have just met. Bring each of them into your 'mind's eye' and silently repeat their name. Repeat this process several hours later to strengthen your powers of recall.

Be Kind to Yourself

Don't criticize yourself if at first you don't remember everyone you meet. Like everything this takes a bit or practice. Even if you can only remember one or two names at your first attempt, it is likely to be better than you would have done otherwise. Just like repetition, practice is a fundamental part of learning how to improve memory skills.

So now that you know some improve memory tips, apply it in your daily life and become a better person. A good memory could improve your personality and that means a dramatic change in your life as well. You won't have a problem with your job, school work and other stuff because you know that you are capable of remembering things.

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