Memory Enhancement Techniques And Causes, Symptoms And Treatments Of Memory Loss
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It is quite normal to have memory lapses from time to time. For example, forgetting where you put your car keys, you don't remember the time of an appointment or forget to buy some items at the grocery store. These kinds of memory problems occur most of the time when you are preoccupied. In fact, they might be signs of a normal brain that's constantly prioritizing, sorting, storing, and retrieving all types of information according to the National Institute on Aging.

Indeed, from the age of 65, the brain loses its ability (partially) to store new information. Thus, if you are 65 or older, you may forget the names of people you have met. Sometimes, you may even be unable to recall what you ate a few hours ago; however, you will perfectly recall events that have marked your life. Apart from these natural phenomena, there are abnormal memory loss, which disrupt daily life.

Causes of Memory Loss

  1. Medical Conditions

  2. Emotional Issues

  3. Biological Problems

  4. Serious Conditions

Symptoms of Memory Loss

  1. The individual may ask or inquire about the same thing repeatedly.

  2. The person may at times find it tough to state himself, with problems judgment the right words to use.

  3. The person may not be able to carry out a familiar task despite the fact that he or she may have perform that very same task before on numerous occasions without any flaws.

  4. The person may also display symptoms that are easy to fault and regard as not present mindedness. For example the being may misplace items and often put them in unsuitable places, such as storing a folder in the freezer.

Treatment of Memory Loss

  1. Determine its priorities and then highlight them- Never allow yourself to be pulled into anything whether it is a meeting or a conversation. There should be nothing that can distract the priorities in life. Try to take this task. Highlight the belongings that are significant to you in your task list on a daily basis.

  2. Stay away from answer each message- You may be receiving a large number of surplus messages, emails, telephone calls and SMS on a daily basis. Strictly to say no to the messages those are not important to you.

  3. Take help of technology- We will help you the latest technology to prioritize the proceedings for you. Let the caller ID and voice mail screen asks you.

  4. Watch - Try to concentrate on one thing where there is a silence. This can be a flower, mouthful of air or even a turntable of a loved one.

Home remedies for Memory Loss

  1. Family should provide full support. Reality direction like provided that familiar music, objects or photos will help the enduring become oriented. Relearning help may be required in some cases.

  2. Medication schedules if any should be written down. This will avoid dependence on memory.

  3. Extended care amenities like nursing homes are very cooperative for people whose basic needs cannot be met in any other way or whose safety or nourishment is in acute danger.

  4. Lower your blood pressure and improve your memory. A dropper full of motherwort tincture (Leonurus cardiac) on a daily basis lowers blood

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