Men Really Do Think Of Other Things Than Sex
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Men and women stabbing each other in terms of psychology is different, everyone agrees on. For example, men buy something because they need it. Among women is different: they go shopping and buy something because it happened at that moment that space is available. Often women have to buy something which they later wonder why they bought.

More seniors than ever reach old age with their partner. The relational status of an elderly person has great significance for his or her satisfaction with life. The sexual life of the partners plays a major role. Why is he important to reflect on aspects of partner relationships of older people, in particular the vital role of sexuality? It is certain that various factors shaping the meaning and sexuality in the relationship with age-specific, colors.


Sexuality encompasses aspects of sexual identity, sexual function and sexual relationship. With age, a range of social, psychological and somatic factors that will influence sexuality. Where aging itself is not accompanied by significant deterioration in sexual function do diseases, disabilities and medication certainly will.

Three seniors on relevant topics are the following:

• The effects of chronic illness on sexuality • The sense of attention to (the possibility of) sexual interference. A significant part of the distortion can be corrected • The fascinating interplay between sexuality and quality of life.

On the one hand a healthy lifestyle is less chance of sexual interference, the other a growing awareness that sexual function is health promoting. The representation of love and lust in later life in popular visual culture becoming more prominent.

In any case, many women now live in the misconception that sex only with her husband is doing, exactly aloof football and drink beer any other favorite pastimes of men can be. Men are always ready for sex? Some representatives of the stronger sex are likely to 'yes' answer to this question, but that answer will not be fully consistent with the truth.

In contemporary popular culture, the older body with all its outward signs of advancing time is seldom shown. Video clips, advertising images, movies and so cultivate the beauty of youth, which seems to be synonymous with sexual attraction. Despite the growing group of older people and the various ways in which older people can fill in later life, their love life and sexuality are only sporadically addressed.

The French comic Les petits ruisseaux tells the story of a widower who has sexual desires gradually learns to see again face. The German film Wolke 9 visualises how an older, married woman from her fall in love and get married. This lecture will illustrate how in both cases, stereotypes about intimacy and sexuality of the elderly to be adjusted.

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