Men Really Do Think Of Other Things Than Sex
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Men and women stabbing each other in terms of psychology is different, everyone agrees on. For example, men buy something because they need it. Among women is different: they go shopping and buy something because it happened at that moment that space is available. Often women have to buy something which they later wonder why they bought.

The flipside of the coin, especially with men and women engaged in sex

(much) lesser extent. There is no doubt that sex is an important issue for some men, for some men, even the most important thing in the world. It is not on the side of a sexual relationship to a minimum.


But neither should the importance of sex for women are minimized. Many women are very focused on sex, than they definitely show it. Often plays in women's image in mind with it. Women with a high sexual drive often get a bad name stuck and that is every woman, of course, to the extent possible, avoid.

Also in the field of sex and relationships, there are differences between men and women

. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer wrote in the 19th century, an essay telling title "There is no woman who was wrong." Schopenhauer - not coincidentally, the philosopher of pessimism - so relentlessly charged with the eternal feminine. The woman according to Schopenhauer flourished like a flower, as from her early adulthood few years time to have a man to snare and the rest of her life to bind. Ultimately it is intended that the man and the woman will care for her children.

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietszche - a generation after his compatriot lived - went even further and claimed that the woman finally not looking for husband but a father for children. Nietszche of the famous phrase "who goes to the women, may not forget the whip". Incidentally, Nietzsche not as much a misogynist as Arthur Schopenhauer. Who sometimes went too far in his turning away from women.

Based on what the two German philosophers say, we would therefore expect that eventually more women than men in sex-oriented. Perhaps that is true, but just knowing that women domes good to hide. So good that the roles were reversed and the man invariably tipped as the sexual animal in the relationship. The reality will be somewhat different, probably husband and wife are equally eager or not eager to sex.

In any case, many women now live in the misconception that sex only with her husband is doing, exactly allesof football and drink beer any other favorite pastimes of men can be. Men are always up for sex? Some representatives of the stronger sex are likely to 'yes' answer to this question, but that answer will not be fully consistent with the truth.

The man today is beset with so many other things that he was a constant obsession with sex can do without. Family, job, paying bills absorb much of his time that he at best may be some time for an affair will make. The cliché of the man only sex is off, and remains a huge cliché.

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