Menopause - A Period Of Great Change
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Woman is first confronted with irregular cycles menstruate. Bleeding may be longer, stronger; too, there is also a rational way to bleeding, menstrual cramps, bleeding after sexual intercourse. It is good to eliminate the review to the gynecologist, who will determine whether changes are due to hormonal changes or due to disease complications in the womb.

Gynecological aging begins with the aging of the ovaries, which occurs shortly after the 35th age. Atherosclerosis - this is worse perfusion of tissues, leading to destruction of tissue - in fact first appears in the blood vessels in the ovary and the quality of oocytes is deteriorating. It is therefore important that a woman first becomes pregnant and gives birth to 35 year.

Pregnancy is great for the body hormonal challenge, because the concentrations of female sex hormones increase to a thousand times, this allows the ovaries begin to function, or even restore sea grass in the ovary, which would not have worked or failed.


Early problems

During the early problems of menopause doctors considered hot flushes, night sweats, dizziness, headaches, fatigue and sleeplessness, irritability, depressed mood, impaired concentration and forgetfulness. Experts say that 80 percent of women who are experiencing menopause at the start of the wrapping and night sweating. Visit doctor if these problems are not redundant.

Problems that may occur later

From two to five years after the onset of menopause

, a woman has problems with a delicate sheath that is often dry and itchy. Because of the smaller wetting lining the biggest problem may be a sexual relationship that is painful and uncomfortable. May also be affected urinary tract and is therefore often more frequent watering, hot and uncomfortable.

What can we do for ourselves?

In the period around menopause and after a very good influence regular physical activity. Physically active women are 70 percent lower risk for the disease as inactive. In addition, regular physical activity greatly slows the lesions of post-menopausal women.

Temple University researchers sat eight years followed 380 women in menopause. It was found that the mitigating some of the symptoms have a favorable impact of regular walking, for at least five times a week. Exercise is the best way to help women who smoke and those who are overweight. It is also good variety of vitamin preparations.

If symptom menopause long and very disturbing, it is good to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

What causes premature and early menopause?

Some causes are known, genetic causes, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy. However, when the cause is unknown, it is necessary to examine the thyroid and adrenal glands, since both affect the altered metabolism in the ovary, and immunological blood tests done to determine the possible presence of autoimmune processes. As we noted that infertility due to premature menopause and early pregnancy due to the trend of moving to a later age bracket growing problem, we deal with the gynecological clinic survey, which we try to identify these causes. We found that there is more than a third of women in early menopause to changes in autoimmune processes.

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