Menopause Natural Herbal Treatment, Causes And Symptoms
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Menopause is actually a normal phase in a woman's life. Know the causes, symptoms and herbal treatment for menopause.

Menopause is not a medical condition or a disease. It is actually a normal phase in a woman's life. It basically ends the reproductive period of a woman and it signalizes the fact that she can't conceive babies anymore. This phase usually occurs between 45 and 55 years old, but it can also be experienced sooner or later. In such cases it is called premature or late menopause. Menopause is accompanied by a decrease of the female hormone levels. This is actually what generates the symptoms of menopause.A

Menopause is officially installed after a woman has lacked periods for a year. This does not mean that she will only experience the symptoms then. Hormonal changes begin to happen a few years before the actual menopause. This period is called perimenopause and during it a woman experiences all sorts of symptoms provoked by hormonal imbalances.

The most common symptoms include hot flashes, insomnia, depression and anxiety, mood swings, vaginal dryness, dryness of the skin and hair, loss of libido and changes in the sexual behavior and loss of bone density. Menopause is not really a comfortable and easy time for women. Many of them are overwhelmed by the symptoms and also notice that menopause is affecting their social life. Fortunately, women can learn how to cope with menopause and what measures to take in order to make their life easier.

Although it is not a disease, menopause might require treatment sometimes for alleviating the symptoms. Physicians usually prescribe hormonal replacement pills, but many women try to avoid them because of their side effects. Menopause symptoms can be kept under control with vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies.

Black cohosh is an efficient herbal remedy for menopause symptoms. It seems to provide relief from their great majority because it has an effect similar with that of estrogen. St. John's Wort is useful for women who need to deal with mood swings, depression and anxiety because it relaxes and calms them. For such emotional symptoms of menopause relaxation and meditation techniques might also help.

Since hormonal changes and ageing might deprive women of essential nutrients, they should consider taking calcium and magnesium supplements. Magnesium is also a mood stabilizer and calcium works with bone density loss and prevents osteoporosis. Vitamins B, D and E are also important. Vitamin E prevents dryness, both in what concerns skin and vagina and Vitamin B helps in relaxing and fighting anxiety. Vitamin D is essential for assimilating calcium and avoiding osteoporosis. Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine should be avoided by all means especially by women terribly bothered by insomnia, anxiety and mood swings.

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