Menstruation Causes And Right Way To Cure Menstrual Problem
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Menstruation which starts around the age of 12 or 14 years for most girls brings with it a host of problems due to the hormonal changes the body experiences at the start of menstruation and then each month with every menstrual cycle. Most women complain of pre-menstrual tension, discomfort and pain during menstruation, irregular and excessive menstruation. The menstrual cycle can be thrown off kilter and the menstrual problems can be aggravated due to any kind of emotional upheaval in your life, whether positive or negative.

What causes menstrual problems?

The reasons for occurrence of menstrual problems are as follows. 1. Amenorrhea wherein there is absence of menstrual flow. 2. Anorexia nervosa 3. Dysmenorrhea wherein the menstruation is painful.

  1. Elevation in Prolactin hormone
  2. Emotional stress
  3. Exercising – too much
  4. Menorrhagia wherein menstrual flow is in excess.
  5. Oligomenorrhea wherein period is not regular
  6. Overweight

Painful and irregular Periods: 1. A piece of fresh ginger, ground and boiled in a cup of water. The infusion is taken thrice daily after meals along with sugar. 2. Take carrot juice every day for three months. 3. Cinnamon powder along with limejuice taken every day is also found to be very helpful to get regular menstrual cycle. 4. Take fenugreek sprouts 2table spoon with your salad. 5. Sesame seeds are also used as a home remedy for menstrual problem. Have 1 teaspoon of sesame powder twice daily. It will help in menstrual delay and reduces the spasmodic pain during menstruation.

Home remedies for Menstruation 1. Have ginger infusion with honey after every meal for menstrual discomfort and pain. 2. One can have sesame seed powder with hot water twice in a day to reduce discomfort. 3. Papaya is also good to reduce menstrual pain and discomfort among unmarried girls. It regulates the contractions of uterus and the menstrual flow. 4. For excessive bleeding cool a banana flower and consume it with curds. 5. Boil 4 gm of coriander seeds in water (1 litre) till it reduces to half the quantity and drink it warm. It reduces the flow. 6. Bathe with hot water mixed with plant of Bengal gram. It is helpful in treating painful menstruation. 7. Marigold herb is useful in treating pain caused by menstruation. 8. Take mango bark juice and mix it with the white of the egg, mucilage and some amount of kernel of the poppy. Otherwise, one can take 10ml of mango bark juice and add 120ml of water and have a teaspoon of it every hour or two. 9. Take 90 gm of the bark of Ashoka tree, then boil it in 30 ml of milk as well as in 260 ml of water till the quantity is reduced to 90 gm. Take it in 2 to 3 doses in a day. 10. One can take thirteen to twenty-five grams daily. It is beneficial for excessive menstruation.

Menstruation Diet Healthy food habit and exercise and yogas also help in solving menstrual problems. Include green leafy vegetables, fruits, like papaya, banana, etc., cereals, grams, in your diet. Iron-rich food is also important for women suffering from anemia. Exercise, mild walk, jogging, etc. is also good. Women should not forget that menstruation is an obvious process for their reproductive life cycle. They also should not forget that this natural process will help them in attaining motherhood. So accept this as natural and stay happy, calm, and relaxed. With so many above mentioned home remedies, menstruation will not be a problem any more.

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