Menstruation Causes And Symptoms And Menstrual Diet And Remedies For Menstrual Problems
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Menstrual cycle is one thing that decides majority of women's health. Most of the women experience painful monthly menses. A painless and problem free menstrual cycle depends on the proper functioning of the endocrine glands to stimulate hormone secretion. With a healthy lifestyle and food habits, one can experience a healthy menstrual cycle. However, if menstrual problems persist, Ayurveda has a cure in the form of many Indian herbs and home remedies that can give relief to the suffering women.

Menstruation Causes The major causes for the menstruation-related problems are menstrual syndrome. Many women due to the very feeling that their menstruation day has come become anxious, irritated, and suffer from severe body pain and headache, and all this results in menstrual problems. Stress and emotional tension, weakness due to other disease, like anemia, also leads to menstruation-related problems. Some women suffer menstruation-related problems due to hormonal disorder, pregnancy, etc.

REMEDIES FOR MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS 1. Boil cinnamon in milk and drink it on a daily basis. It helps in curing cramps. 2. Beet root juice is a very good remedy during menstrual problems. 3. Ginger boiled in water should be taken three times a day after meals. 4. Blend and drink 75 milliliters of parsley, beet, carrot, and cucumber juices to reduce cramps. 5. Basil possesses a pain-killing component called caffeic acid, which can bring relief to menstrual cramping. 6. Half a teaspoon of powdered sesame seeds taken with hot water twice daily reduces pain during menstruation. 7. Papaya helps the contraction of the muscle fibers of the uterus and secures a proper menstrual flow. 8. One banana flower eaten with one cup of curd will reduce the bleeding and increase quantity of progesterone. 9. Boil about six coriander seeds in 400 ml of water and then consume it to prevent excessive flow of blood. 10. 90 gm of ashoka bark boiled in 30 ml of milk and 360 ml of water is boiled and reduced to about 90 gm. Take 2-3 doses in a day. It starts from fourth day of monthly period and continued till the bleeding is checked. 11. Warm water hip bath is nice way to avoid menstrual pain.

Menstruation Diet Healthy food habit and exercise and yogas also help in solving menstrual problems. Include green leafy vegetables, fruits, like papaya, banana, etc., cereals, grams, in your diet. Iron-rich food is also important for women suffering from anemia. Exercise, mild walk, jogging, etc. is also good. Women should not forget that menstruation is an obvious process for their reproductive life cycle. They also should not forget that this natural process will help them in attaining motherhood. So accept this as natural and stay happy, calm, and relaxed. With so many above mentioned home remedies, menstruation will not be a problem any more.

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