Methods Of Smoking Cessation And Stop Smoking
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Stop smoking! Exercise can help you stop smoking and make it easier to stay quit for life after you've finally stopped smoking. There are many reasons why exercise and physical fitness can help you not only quit smoking, but stop smoking for good.

Cardiovascular Health

Smoking aside, cardiovascular exercise is immensely beneficial to the human body, blood flow, heart disease prevention, positive mood, sense of well-being, etc. When you stop smoking and you commit to an exercise schedule as one of your quit smoking tools, you will help your body recover from nicotine dependence more quickly; and your cravings will not only be less severe, they will also be experienced less frequently.


Even more of a challenge is the art of placing just the right amount of energy into your habit busting exercises

. Too much of a focus leads you into more advanced smoking behavior modification, threatening to open a flood gate of emotions with which you're not yet equipped to deal. Not placing enough energy on establishing healthy alternatives to smoking cigarettes can render you helpless in the fight against your tobacco addiction, leaving you at step 1 for a longer period of time than is actually necessary.

Habitual Peak Smoking Times

The most effective battle plan for habitual smoking behavior modification starts with the review of your peak smoking times. The fact that you smoke a cigarette right after a meal, upon awakening, etc is a manifestation of your nicotine addiction rather than an indication of the underlying emotional energy feeding your disease impotence

. As such, it is imperative that you identify simple steps you can take to begin to introduce a new set of habits into your life. What might these healthy alternatives include?

After Meal Cigarette

Smoking after meals is a highly common practice among smokers. Unfortunately, this is one of the peak smoking times that has the potential to affect you significantly for months into your recovery. Preparing yourself adequately for the turbulence you are almost guaranteed to face will make the difference between your successfully quitting smoking and experiencing a nicotine relapse.

Long-Term Rewards

If you stay committed to your stop smoking exercise plan your appearance, lungs, mood, and overall health will be much better. It's easier to prevent a nicotine relapse if you are constantly reaping the rewards of not smoking.

If you are not accustomed to exercising, start small. You don't want to over-exert yourself too early for a couple of reasons. The first reason to start exercising minimally and gradually increase is to prevent soreness or stiffness the following day. You can also prevent consequential muscle aches by stretching properly before and after your exercise routine.

Another reason why you may not want to rush in with a 'no pain, no gain' mentality is because you want exercising to be an enjoyable experience. If you max out on your initial efforts, your brain will equate exercising with pain and that equation may prevent you from developing and committing to a routine.

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