Metrosexual Indian Male - Fair And Handsome? Or Dark And Rugged?
Sneha • onGeneral 8 years ago • 3 min read

Lets face it, the metrosexual male has arrived, and women have no choice but to live with this change. Metrosexual men can be found just about everywhere, for e.g. the guy next door or even your favourite male actor or celebrity. Men seem to have found something new to obsess about. Its not just fast cars and fast life that they love anymore, men now seem to be patronizing salons, doing facials, waxing and even waxing their chest hair!

Women in India probably like the idea of having clean shaved and clean chest man, after all it gives the impression of being clean. Metrosexual men unlike their earlier rugged counterparts are very different and give high regards to their looks. Apart from maintaining their bodies they wouldn’t mind polishing and face cleanups.

If you happen to open your man’s side of the bathroom cupboard, don’t be surprised to find cosmetics, creams etc that are stacked up and are a list longer than yours. The good news for metrosexual males is that women in India have accepted the change, and some of them have even switched preferences from the rugged male look.

Women have been very acceptable to this change, however it does hit us a surprise if you find stacks of cologne, perfumes and creams when you walk into your boyfriend or even your brothers room. I personally however would not like my man to look better and squeakier clean than me. I prefer staying ahead against my man when it concerns beauty, cosmetics and the overall look. Beauty was always the woman’s territory, and men have only managed to take a step in it. Imagine what would happen if they switched from pants to skirts…(get the idea! Why would a woman want a man to step into her shoes?)

I personally do not find my man sexy if he drenches himself in creams and slathers on lots of perfumes for men. I still like the rugged look, the manly image, I don’t even mind the chest hair. Most women like me still love our men with rustic looks jaws that are rugged, a nice hairy chest and muscles galore. We do not want eye candy, but would rather be eye candy. Women want men looking strong and huge shoulders that they can lean back on. A metrosexual man or a sissy look man will only give the feeling that they need their women to fight and protect them. Women don’t really want that!

What we women can be joyous about is that the rugged man look will never die out. Good news is that there is a huge transformation in metrosexuals, as if they’ve read our minds. Although they are in for a clean look, they still maintain stubbles and unkempt hair, oh yes the muscles too! I quiet like the new style that they’ve adopted rather than the metrosexual over hyped look.

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