Migraine Headache Causes
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There are only a couple of basic classifications of headache, primary and secondary. Migraine headaches and tension-type headaches are the two most widespread sort of headache and each of them are in the primary classification. For primary headaches the headache is the primary condition.

The onset of the migraines really didn't happen for several months but I had been having unusual symptoms since the first accident. For example; fatigue, constant yawning, intermittent neck pain, muscle tension were all precursors to what was coming next. Headaches in any form are very unspeakable to the sufferer. Some headaches like migraines can cause more problems than just a headache.

Traditional treatment methods are just not working without side-effects. We need to examine alternative treatments for migraines. We need to attack headaches at the root, we need to stop treating the effect and eliminate the causes of headaches. Migraines are very painful headaches that often occur on one side of the head, which is the basic meaning of the word migraine.

These headaches are sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and changes in vision. Migraine pain is often intensified by routine physical activity, coughing, straining, or lowering the head. The headache is often so severe that it interferes with daily activity and may awaken the person. The attack is debilitating, and migraine sufferers are often left feeling tired and weak once the headache has passed.

For those who are interested in a more holistic approach to medicine, there is an herbal treatment that has been used on the migraine headache called Petadolex. It contains an herb called Butterbur which has been used since medieval times to treat fever, plague, allergies, headaches, coughs and asthma. For some people, over the counter pain relievers will help ease the pain of a migraine. For others, stronger prescriptions pain reliever is required.

Again, treatment should be started at the first sign of a migraine in order to cure it faster. Recent reports indicate that there is indeed a cure for migraine headaches. A number of elite medical clinics that cater to women have reported this. Under their treatment protocols, migraines go away completely in 80% of these women.

Another migraine headache symptom is sensitivity to light and/or sound. Light of any intensity seems to cut right through the eye and make the level of pain experienced spike. Relief from this symptom can be found by shutting off all lights, blocking all light coming in from windows and also having a wet washcloth over the eyes to keep any light from sneaking in. In most people who experience migraine headaches symptoms, they are a problem that reoccurs. For whatever reason, certain people are more prone to attacks of migraines and will have the symptoms on multiple occasions.

To stop the migraine chain reaction before it even gets to the headache phase. When doctors (or patients, for that matter) treat migraine like just another headache (a bad one, but still just a headache), they're missing the point. Not only will you get poorer treatment with this attitude, it could actually make matters worse. Many patients have been prescribed painkillers so many times that their bodies get used to them.

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Migraine Causes
Migraine Headache


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